3 iphone Waterproof Cases Review: The Peak of the Pack

3 iphone Waterproof Cases Review: The Peak of the Pack

iphone’s Waterproof Cases

Getting your cherished iphone wet and non-functional can be a disaster. The good news is that there are ways to prevent this thing from happening. These 3 waterproof cases are the peak of the pack. And rumor has it that you can even take some underwater snapshots when you go scuba diving (just kidding).


Seal Line iseries iphone Waterproof Case

The Seal Line’s case is easy to insert and remove. You can also keep it in storage when not in use. It has a headphone outlet which allows you listen to your favorite music or watch some movies even when it is protected from the elements of Mother Nature.

The integrated headphone jack is model specified and allows you make phone calls or change your music or videos conveniently even when you are using the case. The distinct polyurethane window also responds accordingly when you tinker with the touch screen.

A major limitation with the Seal Line iseries iphone Waterproof Case is that it is too big to fit into a normal sized pocket and removing the phone from the case to slip into your pocket every time can be bothersome.

Outdoor Technology OT Waterproof iphone Case

This waterproof case is a plastic shell case that is clasped with a strap-like mechanism. There are 3 flathead screws that clam up tightly and protect your phone when it takes a dump in the toilet or a dunk in a puddle of water. This waterproof case is very impressive and can survive a full submersion in water for over 45 minutes.

You can also use a tie-down strap and have it taking some awesome shots when you are water skiing or indulging in any other water sport of choice. The camera can take some really cool shots through the shell. Unfortunately, you can hardly make or receive calls when your phone is clasped in the OT waterproof case.

LifeProof iphone Case

The LifeProof iphone case has an incredible waterproof rating and comes up as the best of the lot. It has an IP-68 rating. This means it has been tested in a laboratory with proof that it can be fully submerged in water that is 1 meter deep for over 60 minutes.iphone Waterproof Case

The great thing about the LifeProof iphone case is that your keys are highly responsive in water. The good guys at LifeProof offer this waterproof case alongside other accessories like a floating life jacket and an arm band with a speedy release function if you want to take a quick picture. There is also an add-on case that integrates seamlessly with GoPro mounts. This means that you can lock the phone on your bike or helmet and use it as an all-out action cam and shoot your own dirt trail reality movie.

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