5 Best Exercise Bikes of 2016

5 Best Exercise Bikes of 2016

Are you looking for the Very Best Exercise Bike out there?
I know which are the 5 Best Exercise Bikes!
Read Further! if you want to know which they are…

In the past few years I gained a lot of experience and exactly know what to look for in an Exercise Bike.
And I am going to share all my knowledge, experience and research with you!

You want to loose weight or Build Good Endurance Fast?
You want to get rid of Dangerous Belly Fat which is The Most Dangerous Fat On Your Body?

Now you can! Easily At Home!

#1 – Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

The best exercise bike machine is out in the market and in a position to give the best exercise sessions. It serves the easiest way to shed off extra pounds at a simple cost of $149. With the machines huge size, it is in a position to take care of people of all sizes. What is more is its ability to make the user make a good follow up on their exercise progress.

Just by the use of this machine, it is possible to watch on the time and the intensity of the workout. The user can easily workout on the machine while monitoring the amount of calories burnt down during the time at workout. This is possible through the LCD display located on the bike.

Through the many features on this bike, it is possible to enjoy the comfort and the ease that comes with a sophisticated well-built bike. There is effectiveness in the working of the bike and the design in which the machine works out. When it comes to working out with this machine, you can rely on the magnetic tension resistance through the 8 levels in the machine.

Smooth working of the machine is what can be expected from this fantastic machine. It has been built to give high performance. The 3 piece high torque cranking system gives a smooth yet consistent pedaling of the machine. Precision is another of the great features of this bike. The balanced flywheel and other components of the machine provide smooth operation of the bike.

With leg stabilizers, folding features, transportation wheels, and cushioned seat; you can get all you need in this bike.

#2 – MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

This special machine comes second in line when it comes to service provision as a performance bike. The machine is compact and has a lightweight enabling the owner to work on the machine with ease and move it as desired.

The machine has a small base and a study frame that is geared to help the user enjoy exercise sessions. Though small, the base provides the best stability and sufficiently sized foot pedals for pedaling purpose. The pedals can work with both the feet and hands. With the adjacent Velcro straps on the machine, you can adjust the pedals to your desired foot size before use for comfort and good grip during exercise.

With an LCD monitor display, you can keep revising on the workout program that you desire. How about setting targets and watching them while you workout using the machine. You can set on the distance you want to cover, the speed to move at, the time for the workout too can be monitored. With the intention to burn calories, it is possible to monitor the calories burnt during every workout session.

The biggest feature of the bike is the resistance. Designed with almost twice the resistance that other bikes have, it is possible to enjoy workout sessions using this bike to allow one enjoy the best workout ever.

You can now make your torso region and the lower body strong while watching your favorite TV channel or movies; you can also do your workout while reading your favorite books during your workout session. One can move on both the forward and reverse direction while pedaling to attain what you really desire during your workout.

#3 – Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

This machine comes at the cheapest price of all the top 5 best bike machines and it is able to deliver its tasks adequately. No need to worry about owning a great machine when you are on a limited budget. Through this machine, you are able to workout efficiently while using high resistance built on the machine to achieve the desired workout needs.

This bike delivers just about all the qualities that inspired the allocation of its name. The user can easily fold the machine for safe storage whenever there is a need. This turns the machine to a smaller size enabling it fit in various storage spaces that can accommodate it. There is no need to worry about storage if you are limited on space in the home.

The machine has a magnetic tension resistance that only makes it more effective for workout. With 8 level magnetic tension control system on the bike, the user is in a position to adjust to the tension that one requires for every particular exercise session. You can easily have the day for hard workout and easy workout in your hands and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

With the title of an upright bike, it allows the user to workout from an upright position. With the comfortable padded seat, the user can comfortably station oneself on the machine and aim at getting the best workout feature to get the best available workout.

Why not monitor your heart rate during workout? This machine allows you to do this. You can know easily how your body is responding to the workout effort you have put in at any time using the hand pulse monitor.

#4 – FitDesk Semi-Recumbent Pedal Desk

When it comes to innovation, this machine beats many others in the task. Coming at a great price of $253.96, it is able to deliver much more than you can bargain. You can get on your workout plan easily while getting motivated by other items like using your laptop or tab while on the workout. The machine has a secure spot that will support the gadgets while you continue with your workout routine. The fabric desk surface provides this.

Other than allowing you to entertain yourself while working out, the desk also has a slot that holds other communication gadgets that you may need. It can hold your phone through the inbuilt side pockets. This offers comfort for use. More comfort comes from the seat design on the bike. It is strategically placed to allow you sit comfortably during the workout. Its adjustable nature allowed you to lock it onto your most suitable location before use for added comfort.

With an adjustable belt, the user can easily adjust the bike to a suitable size for use. The machine is also stable during the workout despite the intensity put in on the workout. With no noise, the user can workout with no distractions from the smooth running of the bike.

This machine has the folding technique added to facilitate easy storage. You can fold the machine when it is time to keep it away to enable it fit in smaller storage locations. The wheels help in moving it to and from the storage location.

The LCD display makes this machine a fit exercise tool that lets the users monitor their progress. This bike is a modern tool for the everyday workout needs.

#5 – Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike

The last of the best exercise back is this unique machine. It is quite different in design from all the others but very effective at its work. This machine is very versatile and takes care of the needs of different people easily. It allows for varying workout intensity thus making it an ideal machine. This masterpiece allows you to work on your upper body as well as the lower body thus making it an all round workout machine.

The desire to stay in control of your workout program is achievable through this machine. The unlimited resistance levels of the bike aim at giving the user control over their workout. In addition to this, the user has the LCD monitor on the bike that lets one check on their progress during workout sessions. Monitoring the time, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt are just some of the features of the monitor.

In addition to high performance, comfort is another feature of this bike. The users comfort is vital and provided through the seat located on the body. Highly padded, it allows the user to have workout using the machine while in an upright position. The seat can also be adjusted to the right size of the user to allow for comfort positions on the bike.

You can trust the air resistance system of the machine to provide the right environment that you need for work. It offers the right resistance that the user can handle at any one time. This machine is able to support user weight of up to 300 lbs and is easy to assemble for use. You can also try Weslo Exercise Bike if you are looking for the affordable option!


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