Baby Walker For Carpet: Top Rated Baby Walkers for Carpet Surface

Baby Walker For Carpet: Top Rated Baby Walkers for Carpet Surface

Baby Walker For Carpet

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Push Along WalkerIf you were trying to find the best carpet baby walker, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve selected the top 15 baby walkers that are very good on carpets.

You can choose between standard baby walkers, activity walkers and wooden baby walkers. Every type has its own strengths and weaknesses, but I’ve listed them all below. Teach your baby to walk on a warm surface such as carpet!

Top Rated Baby Walkers for Carpet Surface:

Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Cute Frog

Disney Music and Light Walker, Branchin’ Out

Cosco Disney Music and Lights Walker, Sweet Silhouettes

Safety 1st Sound ‘n Lights Activity Walker

Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker:

A great standard baby walker for carpet floors.

This baby walker is great for a dinosaur lover like your little toddler! The seat is washable, even in a machine washer. The height can be adjusted to 3 positions, so there is a lot of variety here as well. You can store it practically anywhere. Let’s say you’re travelling; simply fold it and put it on a back seat.

Plan Toy Baby WalkerIf your baby is around 2 feet tall, you’ll have no problems with this toddler walker. You should also adjust the seat a bit, so your toddlers legs don’t dangle in the front.

To conclude this review: this is a very good walker; it’s very affordable, it’s very simple to use, and it’s also great for travel. It also slides smoothly on a carpet.

Plan Toy Baby Walker:

My #1 pick for a wooden baby walker for your carpet surfaces.

This Plan baby walker is excellent because you can really adjust the handle for any height. Not only that, but it also comes with 24 natural colored blocks, so your toddler will definitely play around with them.

The material is all natural wood (recycled and organic), so there’s no worry.

It’s a very solid baby walker, and since it is made of wood, it will glide through any carpet surface with ease.

Just be careful when your baby tries to pull herself/himself up, because it can get off balance pretty quickly.

Overall, if you’re trying to find a solid wooden baby walker that is very mobile even on a carpet, you should look no further than this.

Baby Walker (The Original Toy Company):

Baby Walker by Original Toy CompanyThe sturdiest, best quality wooden baby walker. It’s also perfect for carpets.

This wooden baby walker is very easy to assemble and the handle is very firm. Although it does look a bit old fashioned, it’s really a quality walker nonetheless.

It’s made for babies of 12 months and up. I love the fact that it is made of sturdy wood, steel and hardwood; you’ll hardly find a more solid construction than this one here.

If you’re searching for the best quality carpet baby walker, this is the one here. It’s even gotten 5 stars ratings on Amazon, and we all know how rare this is. You don’t have to put any additional weight into the wagon just to keep the balance.

Chicco Baby Activity Walker:

Lots of activity with this baby stroller. Also very good for carpets.

Chico Baby Activity Walker is action packed with activities, and that’s why I like it. Your toddler can play music while walking, and it even stops when the baby stops walking. You wouldn’t believe how encouraging it is for toddlers to play the music while they’re walking. This is what this baby walker does.

The only minor issue with this walker is that it should be a bit heavier. Oftentimes when your toddler tries to pull himself/herself up, she will instead pull the walker toy over himself/herself.

The other very positive thing is that you practically get a 2 in 1 tool for the price of only one. Not only is it very affordable, but your baby can also play with the activity center toys even while she is sitting down.


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