Best Cordless Weed Trimmers

Best Cordless Weed Trimmers

Need a cordless weed trimmer?

Weed trimmers help remove cut weeds down and neaten along the edges of your lawn and yard. They can have power cords that drag alongside and sometimes get tangled around bushes and plants and anything else you are not concentrating on. However, cordless weed trimmers don’t have that problem and easily maneuver around the yard without the concern of where the cord is. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas powered weed whackers, like we have.

The cordless weed whackers give you freedom to move around a large garden without having to worry about if your weed eater will reach. The best cordless weed trimmers run on ling lasting Lithium Ion batteries and don’t need gas. This relieves having to worry about filling up the trimmer with gas or to maintain its oil and spark plugs.

A good weed trimmer enables you to rid your lawn of those nasty weeds with ease and so here are some of the best cordless string trimmers for the money.

Best cordless string trimmer under $150

Toro 51486 is one of the best cordless weed trimmers on the market. Amazon reviewers gave the Toro 4.5 stars. It has a 12 inch cutting width and a 24 volt Lithium-ion battery. A recharger comes with the weed trimmer and it is lightweight, weighing no more than eight pounds.

Toro 51486 Cordless Lithium-Ion Electric Trimmer/Edger

It offers consistent power no matter how big the job is. It has an auto feed line and a 14 inch adjustable handle to reach further places. The Toro is quiet and has a rust free aluminum shaft.

Best NiCd cordless weed wacker under $100

Black and Decker NST2118 offers two18 volt batteries. While one is charging you can use the other. You can also use one of these batteries for other Black and Decker items that use the same size battery. The batteries take up to eight hours to charge.

Black & Decker NST2118 Cordless Electric GrassHog String Trimmer/Edger

It is quiet and lightweight at less than seven pounds. It has 30 feet of spool and converts easily to a trimmer. It’s also easy to assemble.

The power drive transmission offers more power and ability to get a large job done quickly. Nearly 300 amazon reviewers gave this Black and Decker four stars between them.

Best Lithium Ion Cordless weed trimmer under $100

Black and Decker LST220 has two 20 volt Lithium-ion batteries. It takes about eight hours to charge. The battery has a longer life span in comparison to other batteries.

Black & Decker LST220 12-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless GrassHog Trimmer/Edger

It cuts 12 inches wide and is lightweight at five pounds. It converts easily to a trimmer and has a telescoping pole with adjustable height and a flip down edge guide for better performance.

With a 7500 rpm motor, the Black and Decker gives power to last throughout the cutting job. It has an auxiliary handle and it automatically feeds more line to cut with from using its centrifugal force.




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