Best Rated, Top 5 Dog Strollers for 2 Dogs on the Market

Best Rated, Top 5 Dog Strollers for 2 Dogs on the Market

Best Rated, Top 5 Dog Strollers for 2 Dogs on the Market:

These are the top 5 double dog strollers on Amazon. I’ve chosen them because they have the highest rating, and they are generally all you will need for your dogs if you want to take them to a walk in the park. You can see the individual review of every stroller below this list.

Joovy Cocoonx2 Enclosed Double Stroller:

Joovy Cocoonx2 Enclosed Double StrollerIf you’re interested in a 3 in 1 solution, you might wanna check this model out. First of all, this unit can serve as a bicycle trailer for 2 dogs. Next, it can serve as a jogger, and finally (this is probably what you are looking for), it can serve as a stroller for your 2 dogs.

The pneumatic wheels in the front will give your 2 favorite puppies (or grown up dogs) a smooth and easy ride. It has reflectors for night driving and it can be folded easily (if you’re going on a trip outside of your town).

This is the best rated 2 dog stroller on Amazon. It has 5 5 star ratings and nothing else. This baby can handle any surface you give, be it potholes, streets or even snow. One other major selling point of this model is the customer service; they simply rock. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey.

Blue Dog Stroller:

Blue Dog StrollerThis stroller trailer combo is also an excellent choice for your dogs. It can carry pretty much every dog breed (up to 115 lbs, which is a lot). You can assemble it in a very short amount of time, and you can also fold it and put it away.

There’s a cool roll-down plastic which will protect your dogs from rain and a travel bag attached to the side where you can put water bottles and other perks.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars, customers are very satisfied with this pet stroller. The only issue that you might have with it is that it’s quite hard to turn because it is bulky.

Aosom 2 in 1 Double Pet Stroller:

This is a perfect model if you love jogging while your pets are resting inside. You can adjust the handle, and believe me, this is very handy. Handle height is very important so that you, the owner, could feel relaxed. You wouldn’t believe how many strollers out there don’t have an option for adjusting the height.

Also, the pet seats inside are pocketed. This is also different from other strollers which have flat seats. The rear storage area is pretty huge, so you can pick up a few extra items with you.

You can assemble this unit pretty easily, and it is perfect for dogs of various sizes. You can 2 big poodles inside, as well as 2 smaller dogs. Keep in mind that this stroller is fit for larger breeds of dogs, so if you have 2 smaller ones, get some of the models above instead.

Pink Double Deck Pet Stroller:

Pink Double Deck Pet StrollerThis is a great little stroller for your dogs. The funny part about this unit is that each dog has its own separate space. Every section has its own door. The foam pads are washable and very tick. As I’ve already mentioned, if you want privacy for each of your dogs, this is the model to go for. It’s also very cheap.

Most of the consumers are pretty satisfied with the unit. It’s pretty sturdy and the design is pretty neat. The only con about it is that it is not easily folded. You’ll actually have to disassemble it completely. It’s quite easy to do though.

Double Decker Pet Stroller:

Double Decker Pet StrollerThis is a perfect double decker stroller for small dogs and puppies. The weight limit is up to 60 lbs per dog. The pads are water resistant, and the wheels are very easy to maneuver around. The carriers are completely removable, and each one has it’s own doors.

Although made primarily for cats, you can also put smaller dogs inside as well. This 2 dog stroller is pretty easy to assemble, but it is not that easy to disassemble.


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