Car Soundproofing- Benefits of using a Car Soundproofing material underneath the hood

Car Soundproofing- Benefits of using a Car Soundproofing material underneath the hood

Car Soundproofing

This article is about the benefits of using a car soundproofing material underneath the hood to reduce engine heat, noise, and vibration into the passenger compartment.

There is a lot more noise and vibration from the tires, engine compartment, etc. that transfers into the passenger compartment that you may realize. Applying Dynaliner underneath the hood is one of the best things you can do to enjoy a quite ride. We have text, resources and videos in this lens to help you do it yourself.

Dynamat Car Soundproofing

There are many uses for car soundproofing with Dynamat. It’s been the choice for years for the stereo folks out there. They use it to keep everything from rattling to produce a superior stereo sound. However, there are many more uses for this soundproof material.

This article we are going to focus underneath the hood. There is a fiberglass automotive insulation clipped under the hood from the factory, but that only protect the paint from engine heat. The insulation does nothing to reduce noise and vibration. Using car soundproofing material, such as Dynamat, you can provide the insulation for heat and reduce noise and vibration with one step.

To install the car soundproofing with Dynamat underneath the hood, remove the fiberglass mat by popping out the clips holding it on. Remove the mat and clean underneath hood where it is going to be installed. Do not try to stick car soundproofing material on a dirty surface. This will result in poor adhesion and the material coming loose.

First place some cardboard paper under the hood and tape it from falling off. Now you should be able to trace the dimensions you need. Also mark any areas that will need to be cut out, such as windshield wiper cleaner knobs. Place the cardboard template on a table and use it to cut the Dynamat with heavy duty scissors. If the stock insulation is in one piece you can skip using poster board and use the mat as your template.

Place the sound deadening material on the hood and start rolling it on to fit the hood contours. Two people will make this step much easier. Be sure to start forming the material in the center and work outwards.

If any trimming is needed you can use a razor knife. Care should be taken not to cut into the painted surface. This could result in corrosion attacking where the knife cut into the paint surface.

There is a car soundproofing with Dynamat material made specifically for underneath the hood called Dynaliner. This material is 1/2 inch thick and superior to insulate and eliminate noise into the passenger compartment.


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