Reliance Jio Plans

On September 5th Reliance Jio introduced it’s Reliance Jio Plans of offering a top notch speed 4G internet service and unlimited voice calling offer! Reliance Jio also made announcement about offering services to live TV, music streams, data backup services and movie streams. Reliance Jio Plans are also offering high-speed data download at just 50 bucks per GB, which is not available anywhere from any operator. Company Chairman Mukesh Ambani also spoke about the fiber to home services. Reliance Jio will be soon to offer it’s Reliance Jio broadband plans of up to 1Gbps for home services.

Reliance Jio Plans
Reliance Jio Plans

At the Annual General Meeting held specifically for Reliance Jio Plans, Mukesh Ambani announced that Reliance Jio Plans will be available from September 5th 2016, and they will be free of cost as a part of the ‘Jio welcome offer’!

“Pay for only one service – either voice or data, not both,” Amabani said. “World over, operators charge only for data, voice and messaging are essentially free. All voice calls for Jio customers will be absolutely free.” Despite some rumors, data used on Jio’s apps will count against your balance. Also, on all plans you get unlimited usage of 4G data at night time.

The Reliance Jio plans starts with 300MB at Rs. 149 for the first 28 days, and for Rs. 499 per month you can get upto 4GB of 4G data and unlimited 4G at night. You will also get 8GB of access from Reliance Jio’s JioNet Hotspot. And for Rs. 999 you can get 10GB of 4G data as well as 20GB of Wi-Fi usage with unlimited usage at night.

On the following published article about Reliance Jio Plans on By Ritesh Bendre, he mentioned some details about Reliance Jio Fibre plans:

Reliance Jio Fiber plans

While Reliance Jio hasn’t officially disclosed about the charges or launch, reports suggest that there will be three types of plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum. With prices starting at Rs 500 per month, plans will be speed and volume based. Currently, under the Welcome Offer, Reliance Jio is officially offering 100GB data but reportedly it continues working even after exhausting that data limit. Users also get free access to Jio premium apps including JioTV, JioCinema and JioMusic. The Welcome Offer is valid for 90 days after activation. According to details obtained by the publication, there could be speed based tariff plan, volume based tariff plan and special offer tariff plan. Please click here to read more!

The Fiber Broadband service plans by Reliance Jio gives high speed home broadband services with the help of fiber optic technology. So, these Fiber Optic Technology can offer a high speed of 1GB per second. At AGM meeting Ambani said that the reliance jio broadband plans will be offered to home and business subscribers of Reliance Jio.

In the following article by, the author Kunal Dua details about how to Get Reliance Jio SIM Card and Plans:

How to Get SIM Card, Plans, Phones, MNP, Jio Apps, and More

Reliance Jio has opened its doors to everyone, with Jio’s 4G SIM cards now available at retail outlets across India. After a prolonged trial where only select users had access to the Jio network, starting Monday, the services will be free to use for all until December 31.

Reliance Jio has unveiled a bunch of prepaid and postpaid plans that will kick in post the ‘welcome offer’, and the country’s newest telcos has made voice calling and national roaming free for everyone. Customers will need pay only for data on this 4G-only network, with cost per GB a fraction of what other operators are charging at the moment.

Please visit the original post here to read the entire article by gadgets360 of NDTV!

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Samsung Lost more than $25 Billion of Market share after Galaxy Note 7 Recall

The most anticipated release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fell under a dark thunderous cloud after the reports of battery explosions and meltdowns. The Galaxy Note 7 user’s started complaining about battery explosions while charging the device, the consumer complaints started popping up on the Social media and mainstream medias within a week of it’s release, due to which Samsung eventually ended up recalling it’s Note 7 devices, and the distribution stopped. As a result, Samsung lost more than $25 Billion of Market share.

Galaxy Note 7 Recall
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

On the recent article by Mariella Moon titled “Samsung loses $26 billion of market value after Note 7 recall” published on, she mentioned:

Samsung was having a great year, thanks to the S7 and S7 Edge, enticing investors to toss their money into the pool. Unfortunately, the rest of 2016 hasn’t been going according to Samsung’s forecast. The Korean chaebol has lost a whopping $26 billion (with a B) of its market value since it announced the Galaxy Note 7 recall, according to financial data provider Factset. Its shares apparently dropped 6.9 percent between the Korean Exchange’s close on Friday (September 9th) and Monday, and its stock is currently priced at a bit above $1,300. That’s the lowest it’s been in months, although as you can see in the graph below the fold, the company has recovered a bit since yesterday.

Since around 2.5 million devices were shipped before the recall started, it might have alarmed investors and made them question Samsung’s future in the mobile business. Perhaps in an effort to assuage their fears, the company announced on Monday that Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee will officially take over his father’s role as the company’s chief.

So, basically there stock price also plummeted to a great extent. And it looks like it will keep going down for few more sessions before the company take complete control of the situation.

In SEOUL, Korea, Samsung is planning to launch a software which will prevent the device from recharging above 60%. So, basically the Galaxy Note 7 should not be charged above 60% in order to stop itself from exploding.

“Galaxy Note 7 recall: Samsung to release software update to prevent phones from fully charging” by

Samsung plans to issue a software update for its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that will prevent them from overheating by limiting battery recharges to under 60 per cent.

The front page of the Seoul Shinmun, a South Korean daily newspaper, carries a Samsung advertisement announcing the software update plan for any users of the Note 7 who may be disregarding its recall notice and continuing to use the smartphone.

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologize for causing inconvenience,” Samsung Electronics said. The update for South Korean users will start at 2 a.m. on Sept. 20, it said.

However, over the weekend, Samsung urged consumers worldwide to stop using Galaxy Note 7 smartphones immediately and exchange them as soon as possible, amid more reports of the phones catching fire. Click here to Read More…

It means they are literally asking the consumers to not fully charge the device, to just keep the battery below 60%.

It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 problems are just keep getting worse:

Social Media is taking a dig on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions:

Does it reminds you of one of those Zombie movies?

Source CBCNews: Samsung’s quick fix for Galaxy Note 7 is no full recharge

The front page of the Seoul Shinmun, a South Korean newspaper, carried a Samsung advertisement on Tuesday announcing the software update for any users of the Note 7 who may be disregarding its recall notice and continuing to use the smartphone.

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologize for causing inconvenience,” the advertisement by Samsung Electronics said. The update for South Korean users will start Sept. 20, it said.

South Korean media earlier reported the software update plan, citing Samsung.

It was not clear when the update may be issued overseas. Also unclear was whether it will be forced on existing Note 7 phones regardless of user consent. Yonhap News Agency reported that Samsung is in talks with mobile carriers to deliver the same update to keep battery power at 60 per cent or below at all times.

2.5 million devices recalled

Samsung plans to begin issuing new Note 7s with batteries it says will not be prone to overheating starting Sept. 19 in South Korea. It recalled 2.5 million of the devices just two weeks after their launch after dozens of cases in which batteries exploded or caught fire. Samsung says the problem stems from a manufacturing glitch in the batteries.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker, and analysts said the recall may leave a larger impact on its brand than earlier estimated. Aviation regulators and airlines have deemed the Note 7 a flight hazard and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is considering an official product recall. Click here to read the entire article!


The All New HTC One X+

The HTC One X+, which was released few months ago, is the latest update of the HTC’s portfolio . The X+ model is the enhancement of the not so old HTC One X model. The X+ model attempts to address the two main complaints about the original One X!

The 2012 acclaimed HTC’s One X as one of the best Android Smartphone of the year. With a great quality high resolution, quad-core processors, great camera quality, awesome built-in storage capacity and smooth and sleek look. The only drawback was the battery life, which has been resolved in the HTC One X+ update! The HTC One X+ has an improved core specs and a larger battery life. It has a huge internal storage capacity of a whooping 64 GB and a very strong 1.7 GHz Quad-Core processor! The device is awesome with all the latest features and functionality, but it is not that impressive with the graphic intensive games!HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ supports the micro SIM; it has a stunning 4.7 inch supper LCD 2 display screen! As I mentioned earlier that the in-built storage of X+ is 64 GB, but it also gives an extra 25 GB of Dropbox storage. Let me inform you that you cannot add or extend space through a micro SD card! The One X+ has the Jelly Bean OS installed in it, but it also has the HTC Sense skin installed in it. So, it has the looks of all the previous HTC handset because of the presence of HTC Sense. The One X+ is upgraded with the all the latest technologies including MHL and NFC. The front camera of HTC One X+ contains 1.6 megapixels, and it utilizes a consecrated imaging chip in order to get a professional and a high quality pictures.  The back camera has the same functionality as it was in HTC One X; it can capture the pictures while taking a video shoot, and can be produced in 1080p resolution!

One of the only drawbacks of HTC One X+ is that it does not have the micro SD card slot available. It would have been a great feature to have an extra micro SD card slot and to have an access to the hot swapping storage. The overall performance of One X+ is super fast and very slick. The apps screen is fabulously designed, the screen is very responsive, the call sound quality is excellent, the text prediction is very smart and responsive, the camera quality is awesome and takes professional pictures as well as good quality videos, and the physical layout is in a great shape and is very sturdy!

HTC One X vs HTC One X+ Difference

There are some issues about the battery life of HTC One X+, but if you know how to take care of the battery life and how to save the how to save the power of your Smartphone for longer battery life, then there will not be any big issue with the battery quality of HTC One X+. There is no big difference between the physical layout of FTC One X and HTC One X+, the One X+ just contains a polycarbonate case which has a safety finishing touch on it. The One X+ is comparatively a big handset, with a huge screen of 4.7 inches, and a 1280 X 720 screen resolution! It is the best screen for web browsing and crystal clear for watching videos, so the YouTube lovers are really going to enjoy this piece. The sound output is also of a top-notch quality, both through the headphone as well as the in-built speaker!

I would like to conclude this article by mentioning that, if you are looking for a new Smartphone, then this is the best one, and I highly recommend it. It is one of the awesome Smartphone available on the market at present, and I would not be surprised at all if the HTC One X+ ends up being named as the best Smartphone of 2013

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