Get the Type of Lawn Mower That’s Right For You: Tips On...

Get the Type of Lawn Mower That’s Right For You: Tips On Choosing The Best Lawn Mower

If you have a large lawn to deal with, then consider a ride on lawn mower. This will save you time and energy in the long run. If you have a lot of obstacles in your path, but the yard is relatively flat, then a zero turn mower is a good choice. Zero turn lawn mowers can maneuver around trees, and other obstacles very easy, and work extremely well for lawns that aren’t sloping. The motor is in back of the mower, and instead of a standard steering wheel they have hand grip handles, similar to the way a tank turns. Because of this they take a little more getting used too.lawn mower pull cord

You should think about a lawn tractor if you have an uneven yard, a garden area, and experience Winter conditions. The reason for this is that a tractor mower has many more uses than just mowing lawns. There are attachments available, trailers for hauling materials, and plows for the front to clear away snow. These mowers have motors that are more powerful, and can take hills without problems. John Deer lawn mowers are a good idea for lawn tractor designs, and they have many different accessories to choose from.

If your lawn is not that big, a petrol lawn mower, one that is self propelled can be a better choice. Toro is a good brand to choose from when it comes to these mowers, and you can find Toro lawn mower parts at many different local outlets. Toro lawn mower products also come with a standard five year warranty, which is another thing to take into account. This company also has many different optional accessories, including bag attachments for collecting lawn clippings, lawn mower covers, and many others.

Lawn mowers range in price from $250-$500 for self propelled, and can be over a thousand dollars for ride on mowers. While this may sound a little high, you have to consider the time they save when mowing a lawn. You need to really consider all the features, warranties, and how easy it is to find lawn mower repair parts when picking the one that is right for you. There are product review websites that can help, and you can also go in to one of your local retailers for more answers on which lawn mower is right for you.

Ride On Lawn Mowers

There are many different types of lawn mowers out there. Walk behind, ride on, petrol, cordless; it seems the like choices are endless. If you want to make mowing your lawn more fun and less of a chore then maybe a Ride On Lawn Mower is for you. There are many different companies that sell riding lawn mowers, with a little bit of research you will find the lawn mower that is perfect for you and your lawn. These type of lawn mowers require proper maintenance, and you will have to use proper lawn mower oil type for oiling the inside gear.lawn mower oil type

Toro is one company that is well known for its Ride On Lawn Mower line. If you would like to cut your work time in half consider a zero-turn riding lawn mower from Toro. The TimeCutter Z lines lives up to its name. Prices start at around $2,600 and run up to approximately $3,500. The TimeCutter Z series starts at 19 horse power, so you know that it is powerful. Since the series is zero-turn you’ll be able to mow up close to the bushes and the flower beds, making sure that your lawn is evenly mowed.

Another zero-turn line that is offered by Toro is TITAN. It is a Ride On Lawn Mower that gives professional looking results. If you have ever wanted your lawn to look like a golf course then the TITAN just might be for you. The TITAN is more powerful than the TimeCutter Z series, models start at 22 horse power with a 50 inch deck, and go up to 27 horse power with a 60 inch deck. The Toro TITAN series starts at approximately $4,300. The TITAN line is growing, new models have recently been added.

Once you have decided upon the perfect Ride On Lawn Mower for you and your needs, you need to make sure that you take proper care of it. You want to minimize the chance that you will need a repair. Check the belts, filters and other parts. A little bit of maintenance will go a long way. Lawn mower covers are also available if you keep your lawn mower outside. Whether you have purchased a Toro, a John Deere or another brand of lawn mower, you need to take proper care of your new machine.

Petrol Lawn Mowers Are Worth The Investment

Most people are familiar with what a lawn mower does; it is a machine used to cut grass. A petrol lawn mower is powered by petrol and is pushed much like a vacuum cleaner except for it has a very sharp blade that cuts grass. Attached to the back of it is a basket that catches all the cut grass that is sucked up when the grass is being cut. It is easy to detach the basket when it is time to empty the contents before continuing on with the rest of the lawn.

John Deere makes many petrol lawn mowers. One in particular, the R40 Petrol Push Rotary Mower, is ideal for anyone seeking the power but not the bulk. The cost is also competitive with other name brand mowers. This would be a good lawn mower for men and women alike, as this type of lawn mower is very easy to use, and doesn’t require a lot of strength to make it move.

It is always wise to inspect the petrol lawn mower before you start. When you are starting to cut your lawn a good place to begin is at the edge and work your way across in a straight line. Doing so will give your lawn nice straight lines of cut grass. A benefit of these types of mowers are they are cordless. There are no cords to look out for and it does offer freedom to move freely. Speaking of moving freely, as you move across the lawn, it is a good idea to look out for branches, rocks and other debris as this can cause damage to your lawn mower. A backhoe and garden shears are optional but recommended to give your lawn a professional look. Once you have finish mowing the lawn, cut the edges with the shears and use the backhoe to push back soil to give a nice even edge.

Mowing the lawn isn’t a chore that most people jump at the chance to complete but with a petrol lawn mower it makes the job much easier. It is an investment that will pay for itself because you will have a professional lawn job without the cost of a professional.

Cordless Electric Vs Petrol Lawn Mowers

Cordless electric start lawn mowers are popular these days because there is no need to worry about a cord that you could possibly run over. They work on a rechargeable battery that in most cases will complete a full lawn on just one charge. Moreover, you can mow the lawn without disturbing your neighbors. That’s right, these battery operated lawn mowers are not as loud as the gasoline type and there is no lawn mower pull cord to pull to make it start.

The price comparison for one of these cordless lawn mowers versus the gas guzzling lawn mower is competitive. With the electric start lawn mower type, all you have to do is plug it up in any household outlet unlike the gas type where you have to run and get gas for it. The same freedom of movement can be achieved with either the electric start lawn mower or the petrol type lawn mowers. However, with the cordless type you could just unplug and start mowing the lawn whereas with the gasoline type you must first make sure you have gasoline and then pull on the lawn mower pull cord a few times to get it to start.

If you are in the market for a new one a good mower for its buck is the CMM1200 by Black and Decker. On one full charge, this cordless lawn mower can do up to a third of an acre. For some people that’s more than their entire lawn. When safety is a concern–as it should be–you may want to consider the Earth Wise 6120.4V. This lawn mower was built with safety and performance in mind. It comes with the ability to control the blade as your mowing. The safety feature are particularly important when you have small children or animals around.

When considering a large purchase like this, it is always wise to do your homework first. With the Internet at your fingertips you have the ability to do a feature comparison of several cordless electric lawn mowers at one time. Whichever electric start lawn mower you decide to buy, you will save time and energy when cut the grass and your neighbors will love you for it.

Advantages Of Riding Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are a necessity for virtually every homeowners that has any sort of grassy area that their house sits on. They have become a huge help in managing lawns all over the world. There are several types of lawn mowers depending on what size lawn you have and what type of terrain your land sits on. In most cases, the most appropriate lawnmower will be riding lawn mowers. These are the most practical for bigger lawns and to cut down on the time spent mowing the lawn.

The benefit of using riding lawn mowers is definitely found in the reduced time it takes to cut the grass as opposed to using a push mower. The time it takes to ride on your mower around the lawn versus the amount of time it takes to walk the law, slow enough that the grass is cut evenly, does not compare whatsoever. The other great benefit to using a riding mower is the fact that it takes much less effort to operate a riding mower, compared to the effort of using a push mower that includes both walking the entire time and pushing a heavy machine around to mow. The benefits are well worth the investment of a riding mower.

Additionally, riding lawn mowers also very versatile. The benefits of the many features of the riding mower will be evident in many different aspects of landscaping.They are capable of mulching and bagging with the appropriate attachments. By bagging and mulching your clippings, you are able to reuse your grass to create things like compost, which can be reused in a garden as a fertilizer.

Some of the best brands in riding mowers that have a reputation for making dependable riding lawn mowers are John Deere and Toro. They both feature many different types of models including zero-turn radius models that allow for easy navigation around trees and garden islands. Zero turn models are operated completely differently with two separate levers to steer the mower. Also featured are traditional riding lawn mower models that are more affordable and more practical for homeowner use. These are what most people are typically most comfortable using, with the zero turn models continuing to be phased in slowly.

Where To Look For Lawn Mower Parts?

One of the world’s most famous tractor companies is The Toro Company, which is one of the largest lawnmower companies worldwide. It has been in business since 1914 when it started out small, supplying engines to The Bull Tractor Company. From there the company built the frameworks of a company that would touch many parts of the landscaping industry. Toro was responsible for the first lawnmower designed specifically for golf courses. They have also been significantly involved in producing materials for America during wartime. Today, the Toro Company focuses primarily on commercial golf course mowers and residential lawn mowers. Due to the large volume on lawn mowers sold, it is fairly easy to find Toro lawn mower parts online for replacing or upgrading your lawn mower.

In most cases, it is necessary for Toro lawn mower parts, because of the nature of how lawn mowers work. Naturally, after years of use, a lawn mower will likely need replacement parts such as blades, belts, and other odds and ends. If your lawn is fairly large and is mowed frequently, you might have to eventually purchase blades in order to keep your mower cutting the grass efficiently. Also, just like cars, after years of use a lawnmower will have belts that snap or need replaced before they snap. Buying Toro lawn mower parts is simply just part of owning and operating a Toro lawn mower. It is also much more cost effective to look into replacement options than to automatically assume that you need a new lawn mower. Always check for replacement parts when possible before wasting money on a brand new mower.

The easiest method for getting the parts you need for your mower is to go to a lawn mower repair shop that will most likely tell you exactly what the problem is, what parts you need to fix it, and will typically install the replacement parts on site so that you do not have to tinker with something you are not experienced with, which would lead to bigger problems. If you are good with replacing and installing parts and have a general knowledge of how cars and lawn mowers work, your best bet would be to look into online wholesalers that sell parts at a discounted rate. This route will save you money, but you bear the risk of possibly creating bigger problems for yourself down the road.

Basics Of Picking A John Deere riding lawn mowers

As the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and spring begins to peek it’s head up from under the blanket of snow, thoughts turn to lawn improvement. Perhaps, this will be the year that you get that new john deere riding lawn mower you’ve been coveting through the past few summer months. Maybe you’re tired of that push mower and are ready to finally fork over the money for a riding lawn mower or riding tractor? If so, there are a few things to consider in the coming buying season.

The first thing you need to ascertain is the size of your yard and then decide on the size of lawn mower you’ll need. As a general rule of thumb, for a yard under an acre, you’ll need a 14 horsepower mower with a 42″ cutting width. If your yard is 1-2 acres, consider a 14-16 horsepower with a 42″ -46″ deck. For the bigger yard 2+acres or so, you need the big guns or the garden tractor with 18-24 horsepower engine and 46-54″ cutting deck. These ride on mowers will cut your cutting time in half over the push mowers and make you feel like king (or queen) of the yard.

So, you’ve decided what size model you’re going to need, you now need to think about the attachments you’ll need on your John Deere riding lawn mower. Will you need a bagger or leaf catcher? How about a garden plow or dozer blade? Or maybe, you’ll need a snow thrower. If these are the case, you need to pick a model that will accommodate these parts.

When you go to compare prices, compare apples to apples. You can’t compare a 42-inch John Deere X304 lawn tractor to Toro LX 420. One is a top of the line, highly ranked and reviewed model (the X304) while the other (Toro LX 420) is an entry level. For the first timer, the Toro is a great option. It’s a great basic machine, low end of the price range as far as riding mowers are concerned and has automatic drive as well as cruise control. The motor is an 18 hp, so you’ll have plenty of umph in your mow. While a mulch cover is included, you do have to pay the $400 extra to get a bag. So, just keep this in mind as you’re planning your budget.

Tips On Riding Lawn Mower Repair

The riding lawn mower is all fun and games as you gobble up the long grass and weeds that have invaded your lawn. You feel like king of the cul-de-sac as you mow down every blade in site. You fell like king, that is, until the day you start feeling it vibrate uncontrollably with the clutch engaged. Or maybe it just won’t crank? You may start to see a poor or uneven cut appearing. What is a loyal subject to do? First of all, it’s time to pull out your owner’s manual and see what kind of regular maintenance you were supposed to be doing all along.

Let’s say the problem is in the uneven cutting. If this is your problem, the first thing you want to check is the mower deck. See if there is any dried on grass or other debris there. Next, check your blades and see if they’re dull or bent. They may need sharpening. Another tip is to slow it down some. By adjusting your speed, you will usually get a more even cutting job. Another common problem found in the riding lawn mowers is excessive vibrations when you’re using the clutch. Again, keeping the under deck cleaned will help alleviate this problem. Additionally, check the blades as they may need to be balanced or even replaced. This is a repair you can take care of yourself. However, you may find that the problem lies in the drive belt or in the lawn mower pull cord, you may want to have a professional do that job for you.

When attempting riding lawn mower repair yourself, some tools you will need include weather work gloves, screwdrivers, wrenches and scrap lumber. The leather gloves are a must if you’re doing work around sharp edges although of course, you’ll want to remove them for more delicate work. Safety glasses are a plus too. Lawnmower parts are available at many home improvement stores as well as lawnmower repair service companies and the manufacturer of your mower. Whether your mower is a John Deere, Toro or Craftsman, the basic maintenance should be done on the mower to keep repairs to a minimum. Your manual will instruct you on this.

Why You Need Lawn Mower Covers?

You spent a great deal of money on your precious lawn mower. The ride on mower acts as your work horse in your yard, so it’s important that you take care of your investment. Be it a John Deere, Craftsman or any other brand, lawn mower covers are essential in protecting your purchase from the elements. Unfortunately, not everyone has the room in their garage or an extra storage building out back to park their lawn baby in. It becomes necessary to cover it with a weather wrap cover.You want to protect it from wind, snow, rain and even the sun’s UV rays. In addition, rodents and other small outdoor pests need to be kept away from your mower. The covers are a must have from day one of ownership.

These lawn mower weather wrap covers will protect your lawn mowers with their soft material that feels like felt as well as their stretchy edging and straps that completely cover the mower. Still other covers have a drawstring method of keeping the elements out. Some of these covers will work well in the colder regions and will protect your mower in temperatures down to -22 F. These lawn mower covers are also puncture and tear resistant so that hopefully the critters of nature will not be able to get into them either. The John Deere cover offers a cool feature to look for in your mower cover, air vents. Reinforced dual vents allow air circulation and helps keep ballooning from occurring in the wind. Additional vents can also help prevent extra moisture from developing and thus reduce mold and mildew from forming.

You need not break the bank with these lawn mower covers either. They range in price from under $20 to $75. Most come with a 2-4 year warranty, so that’s a big help. Many colors are available if fashion is important to you in your mower cover. Furthermore, covers are easy to buy at local home improvement stores or online. Keep in mind that when ordering online you will have the added cost of shipping added to your purchase price. So, if you don’t already have this cover, add it to your Father’s Day list today.

Get Lawn Mower Repair Parts that are available to Consumers

You’ve got that wonderful new ride on lawn mower and you just can’t wait to get it going. That’s a wonderful king of the hill type of feeling. But keep in mind, with ownership of the riding lawn mower comes the responsibility of maintaining it. You would hate to end up with all kinds of problems because you didn’t take proper care of your lawn tractor. Your first line of defense is your owner’s manual. It will tell you all about the routine operations you should be performing on your new baby. If you do these things, when the manufacturer recommends you to do them, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of repair you’re going to need to do.

But, regardless of how well you take care of your John Deere or whatever model of lawn tractor you’ve bought, there’s going to come a day when you need lawn mower repair parts. Perhaps it’s a bent blade or spark plugs. Those items can usually be easily found at your local home and garden store. Or maybe, you’re looking for an after market part that didn’t originally come with your mower. In this case, you may have to either go through the manufacturer to get your part or you may want to just do a search on the Internet. There are many lawn mower repair parts dealers operating on the net. Remember, just because you bought your mower from one place doesn’t mean someone else won’t carry supporting parts for it. If you need to purchase wheels, tires or tubes, you may not be able to find this specific of an item at your local hardware store and will need to contact a local lawn mower repair store or again, search the Internet for the proper sizes.

Another item many people find online when they accidentally ditched the old one is a repair manual. While in many cases you can download the manual in a PDF format, you can also order new copies of it, just like the old one you threw away. Additional parts that you may find yourself needing as time takes it’s toll on your riding lawn mower include battery and hold downs as well as cables and terminal ends. These are items that usually you can purchase and fix yourself without needing to consult with a professional.


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