The Health Benefits of the Fitness Ball Exercise

The Health Benefits of the Fitness Ball Exercise

Benefits of the Fitness Ball

Maintaining an exercise program can be challenging if you can’t make it to the gym, don’t own a fitness machine and you don’t have the money or the space to get a fitness machine.

A fitness ball may be the ideal solution and they have become very popular with good reason. Fitness balls are affordable, easy to use, provide a total body workout and take up minimal storage space. They also provide time flexibility since you can now easily exercise in your own home.

The Fitness Ball Total Body Workout

Fitness Ball Exercise
Fitness Ball Exercise

The most popular fitness ball exercise involves lying with your back on the ball, your torso is hanging over and your feet are on the ground balancing you body. You then place your hands behind your head and lift your upper torso 45 degrees. This simple exercise strengthens your abs, torso and legs without straining your back. All of your major muscles groups are being exercised and the flexibility of the fitness ball eliminates back strain.

Fitness balls come in different sizes depending upon your size and the exercises that you plan on doing. They are primarily used for the above total body exercise and for stretching. Fitness ball are very good for strengthening your core muscles.

Other Fitness Ball Uses

Using your fitness ball as a chair also acts as a passive exercise for your core abdominal and back muscles. The ball forces you to sit with your spinal cord correctly aligned thus improving your posture and strengthening the relevant muscles.

The workout ball can be added to most fitness programs including aerobics, to work your upper body. Pilates and yoga also use the fitness ball to achieve fast, visible results.

When you purchase the fitness ball makes sure that it includes an exercise guide or video. You will want to incorporate other exercises into your routine to keep it interesting. Your primary exercise should be the total body workout because of its efficiency.

Including more muscle groups in each exercise, always achieves greater results with less effort. This is probably why most gyms also have fitness balls on hand. They provide an efficient and effective exercise that is very easy on the body.

Fitness Ball

Helpful Tip

A fitness ball can be purchased at sports stores and most large department stores. It should come with an exercise guide or video, so you get started immediately. If you can not find a store in your area, try searching on the internet.

Exercising with a fitness ball requires a mat and comfortable clothing. Make your exercise program fun and you will stick with it and lose more weight. You may even start looking forward to working out.

A fitness ball is a very practical and efficient way to obtain a good workout in the comfort of your own home.


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