How to save the power of your Smartphone for longer battery life

How to save the power of your Smartphone for longer battery life

Saving the power of your Smartphone for longer battery life

We all know that the battery life of the smart phones come down very quickly. Smart phones are very powerful and versatile and that is one of the reasons why the battery life goes down so quickly. If you use your Smartphone all the time throughout the day, then it is quite difficult for the battery to survive for at least 15 hours. Today, there are varieties of smart phones available in the market and there’s always difference between the battery life of every smart phone. Some Smartphone survive for a longer time and some go to sleep within 10-12 hours. In this article you are going to learn about some awesome apps and tweaks with the help of which you will be able to accelerate the battery life of your Smartphone.

Following are some of the tweaks and tricks which will extend the battery life of your Smartphone to the great extent:

1)      Decrease the Brightness of your Smartphone’s Display: The brightness of Smartphone for longer battery lifeyour Smartphone consumes majority of the battery. So, it is a good choice to decrease the brightness of your Smartphone’s display. You can easily decrease the brightness of your Smartphone on the Display Setting option. If you want the battery to be with your Smartphone for the entire day, then you must decrease it little bit lower than the medium range. It will look little dim, but it will definitely extend the battery of your device! So, make sure that you turn the brightness as low as possible.

2)      Decrease the Screen Timeout to 30 seconds or less than 30 seconds: It is a good idea to decrease the screen timeout option of your smart phone as short as possible. Some of the smart phones have the default timeout option set to 1 minute, so you should change the setting to less than 30 seconds. I have set the timeout option of my Smartphone to 15 seconds, which is really helpful to save the battery life to some extent. There is no sense of keeping your smart phone lightened up for no reason. Whenever you want to access your Smartphone you can tap it once and it will wake up for your access. You can change the Screen Timeout setting from the display settings of your Smartphone.

3)      Turn off the unwanted Programs and Apps: Make sure that you do not keep the unwanted apps or devices running. It is better to turn off the Bluetooth if you are not using it. If the Bluetooth setting is turned on for no reason, then you are wasting an hour or two of your Smartphone’s battery life. When the Bluetooth is on, it is always searching for the signals at the cost of your Smartphone’s battery. So, make sure to turn off the unwanted apps and devices because, it is a smart way to save your Smartphone’s battery life.

4)      Use the GPS wisely: It is crucial to understand that the GPS receiver is a battery sucking program of your Smartphone. You should not play around with the GPS if you don’t want the battery to die soon. GPS receives several signals from satellites to get the location that you want. You can get several proposals from various apps to access your Smartphone’s GPS. Most of the apps that want the permissions are useless and if you are not familiar with those apps, then make sure that you do not give them any permission to access your phone’s GPS.

5)      Disable Wi-Fi if you are not making use of it: You should disable Wi-Fi of your device if you are not using it. Wi-Fi radio can suck the battery out of your phone just like the Bluetooth does. It is always seeking for the signals at the cost of your phone’s battery. It makes no sense to keep the Wi-Fi on if you are not in the range of Wi-Fi network. It will just take one tap to turn off the Wi-Fi and to save the considerable amount of your Smartphone’s battery life. Disable anything that you are not using and that seeks for the signals if there is not any signal available.

6)      Use Advanced Task Killer app: Make use of the app called Advanced Task Killer in order to kill the unwanted processing apps. Advanced Task Killer is available for Free and is really helpful for getting rid of unwanted processes that are running on your device. By killing unwanted apps you can reduce the memory workload and can save the battery life to the great extent. So, I recommend you to install the free Advanced Task Killer on your Smartphone and set it up to auto kill. It save the power of your phone and it will also increase the speed of your Smartphone.

7)      Disable Flash or notification: Notification or flash message often appears on the screen for several reasons. Most of the times the notifications appear for the update of apps or an advertisement from your network provider. The notifications are not only annoying, but it is also battery sucking setup. It is wise to turn off the notifications so that there will not be any unwanted flash pop ups and the wastage of battery time.

8)      Special Battery saving app for Android: If you want the automatic assistance in order to save the battery life of your Smartphone, then check out the JuiceDefender app for Android. It customizes your Smartphone in order to save the battery life of your device. JuiceDefender does every task automatically and makes sure that the battery is not getting wasted on unwanted programs or signals.

The above mentioned tips are used by me and my team and it gave a great result after implementing them. We found out that the battery life of our device got extended to 4 more hours after using the above mentioned tips. If you have any opinions or any tips on this topic of Smartphone for longer battery life, then feel free to share your knowledge with us.

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