Key Scratch Repair- Car Key Scratch Repair

Key Scratch Repair- Car Key Scratch Repair

Vandal Scratch Repair & Key Scratch Repair

Expensive and costly key scratch repairs by body shops are a thing of the past, Mobile Car Body Repair and Smart Repair Service can repair your car body damage for a fraction of the price a Body Repair Shop would charge. They save you money and time in having the car body repaired at your home or place of work, they only spray the damaged area and not the whole part, so for a bumper scuff they would spray the scuff and not the whole bumper.

Key scratches can be a difficult damage to repair for they are usually located on the larger panels of cars like the doors, bonnet and boot. Repainting them requires the mobile car body repair service to paint a slightly larger area than usual in order to blend in the paint.

How Key Scratches are Repaired

Process for key scratch repairs

Key scratches are repaired in 3 stages: 1) Prep the key scratch 2) Paint the key scratch 3) Lacquer the scratch

Prep The Scratch

The Key Scratch is feathered out by sand paper or wet and dry paper and all scratches filled with filler and left to dry. Once the filler is hard its then rubbed back flat to the surface. A primer is applied to the Car Panel Repair section and once again left to dry. Once dry its rubbed back with some more wet and dry paper until flat. This process is repeated until all scratches and scuffs on the effected panel are smooth and filled. A scotch pad is then used to rough up the area to be sprayed so the paint has some thing to key onto.

Paint The Key Scratch

Once the prep work is finished it will be ready to paint. First go over the Key Scratch Repair with a tack cloth which will remove any dust and bits of debris that might have found its way on to the key scratch repair. Then apply one coat of paint and leave to dry. Repeat the application of the paint to the Car Body Repair until the paint has completely cover all the primer.

Lacquer The Key Scratch

Once all the paint has completely dried a single coat of lacquer is applied to the repair area and left for 5 minutes to let the paint settle. two more coats are also applied and left for 5 minutes between coats, Once all the lacquer has been dried its then gentle rubbed back with a fine grade wet and dry paper to remove any rough spots, then a cutting compound is applied and a polish to make the Car Body Repair shine.

Other Repair Options

Scratch Repair Services

Besides you having ago at trying to repair the scratch yourself there are other options available. These are obviously more costly but the results would probably be on the whole better than what you could achieve yourself. There are two main services that can repair a car scratch (1) Accident repair center (2) mobile car body repair service.

Accident repair center
This service is static so you would have to take the car to them to get the job carried out, they are also the more costly of the two services, with prices starting from around £200 per panel. The repair would be carried out in a controlled environment and the finish would be perfect and back to showroom condition. The only downside to this service other than the cost would be the fact that you would be without your car for a few days while it’s being repaired.

Mobile car body repair service
This is a mobile service that comes to you to carry out the job, they are also the cheaper alternative to an accident repair center with prices starting around £75 per panel. The job is carried out on site so on the road or on a driveway whatever is available. It’s a cheap and effective service where you won’t lose your car while its being repaired (most jobs take around 2 hours on average). Downsides would be that they can only fix small areas of damage and they are also weather dependent, so if it rains then the job is usually rearranged.


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