Must Have Mountain Biking Accessories

Must Have Mountain Biking Accessories

Mountain Biking Essentials:

Mountain biking is a fun and very addicting sport. Not only is it a good past time, mountain biking is also a good way in staying fit. But the mountain biking being considered an extreme sport, it may maybe a little unfriendly for beginners. That’s why proper training and practice is needed in order to be capable to ride more difficult trails. But aside from skills and experience in handling mountain bikes, another thing that’s important to take note of before engaging into such rigorous sport is having the complete mountain biking accessories or essentials.

Mountain Bike Helmet

Just don’t go without it. Helmets could be a life saver especially when doing advanced trails. A simple out balance could lead to an injury to the head. Mountain bike helmets safeguards the part of your body that is vulnerable to serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

Bike Eye wear

Mountain Biking EyewearThe brightness and heat of the sun can cause difficulty in staying focused when on the trail. This is dangerous especially when running downhill and suddenly vision is temporarily impaired by the sun’s brightness. Protective eye wears with UV protection is very well fit to use when mountain biking.

Bike Gloves

The repeated friction and pressure on your hands from gripping the mountain bike handle can cause injuries and discomfort especially while riding a rough terrain. Wearing gloves will give you a more comfortable experience during rides.

Drinking Water

You might find your self dehydrated during rides so make sure you have enough water before riding. Mountain bikes come with bottle holders for ease, or use a hydration back pack instead.

Mountain Bike Repair Kit

Technical malfunctions are unavoidable during rides so make sure you have a repair kit with you. The kit should have the tools used in basic bike repairs such as mini pumps and a compact tool set.

Mountain Biking Essential Gears:


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