Netgear R6300 Wi-Fi Router Review and Wireless Access Point Configuration

Netgear R6300 Wi-Fi Router Review and Wireless Access Point Configuration

Netgear R6300 is a Wireless Router with 802.11AC support as well as 2.4 GHz and 5GHz network. It has a 4X Gigabit Local Area Network ports with 5GHz 802.11n speed. The USB ports of Netgear r6300 supports media sharing of DNLA, printer and NAS with FAT as well as NTFS supports. So, the Netgear R6300 is a very sleek and enhanced wireless router with amazing signal range and awesome velocity. This Netgear router is a best device for having an amazingly fast and substantial Wi-Fi connection for your home or business use. Netgear r6300 range is very enhanced and customizable.

I bought a Netgear router r6300 a few weeks ago for my office use and I really loved it. I used several Routers before, but this one in particular is really impressive. I also used it in my house, which is approximately 4000 square feet with a huge garden and it worked greatly. The signals were very powerful, and I was also able to get the signal while I was walking on the streets.

The only drawback about this router is that it is huge in size, about 9.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches high, but it comes with a nice stand. So, the only issue is related with the size and design of this device and everything else is perfect. It has perfectly positioned ports and power buttons with the WPS and Wi-Fi toggle buttons!

The installation process of Netgear r6300 wireless router is very easy and quick. It has a professional web-based interface, which picks up wide area network configuration from your locality. You can easily and quickly configure this router as a wireless access point.

Netgear R6300

NETGEAR AC1600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R6250)

Following steps will help you to configure the Netgear r6300 ac wireless dual band gigabit router as a WAP:

1) Configure and Power Up the Netgear R6300.

2) Insert the Cable from your network in the yellow port of the Netgear Router. Connect the Netgear router wirelessly with your PC.

3) Once the Netgear router is reset, which you can easily do by pressing a bent paper clip, you can connect it wirelessly with your SSID and password of the Netgear R 6300 router. You can also turn off the login details in order to connect it without any authentication!

4) Type […] in your web browser in order to access the configurations of Netgear R 6300 Router.

5) It is not necessary to download the Netgear Genie software on your system; it’s just a bloatware, so no need to download it! After resetting the router, it configures itself and connects you to the internet.

6) If the authentication details are asked, then login with “admin” for username and “password” for a password!

7) You have to make sure to update the firmware by following the step by step instruction applied in the NetGear router application. The “Update Firmware” message will appear on the screen, and you will just have to follow the instruction in order to upgrade it.

8) After the upgrade, click on the “wireless” link in the application and the further information will be available after some processing time!

9) Now, this particular step is configured based on the network type! So, if the network is 2.4 GHz, then customize the channel to 1 for the 1st Netgear router, and channel 11 for the second one. You can also make it channel 6 for the 3rd router. It’s your choice to keep the security option on or off. So, if you are in a safe place, then you can turn the security off.

If the network is 5.7 GHz, then customize the channel to 153 for the very first Netgear router, 161 for the 2nd router, and 157 for the third one. You can set the security on or off.

10) After setting up the network, press Apply and you are done! If you took too much time to customize the network page, then it will ask your login credential, and you will repeat the process again! So, make sure that you customize the network setting in a reasonable amount of time.

11) After completing the steps properly, you will be able to change the password, or any other information related to your account!

12) Now, go to the LAN Setup of the application, and deselect the option “Use Router as DHCP Server”. Apply the setting and hit OK! You might get some message after applying the settings, don’t worry about that and hit OK. This will restart the Netgear R 6300.

13) Once the Netgear starts, unplug the attached cable from the yellow jack, and insert the cable in some other jack on backside of the router.

14) Go to Netgear application, click advanced and go to the LAN setup. On the LAN setup page, set the IP Address of the router and make sure that it is an unused IP address on your network. Make sure that the IP address doesn’t collide with any other IP addresses which are already in use on the network! After making changes hit “Apply”, and the Netgear R 6300 will restart.

15) Once the Netgear starts, it will show the “NetGear” letters of the front side of the R 6300 Router! And now it is a wireless access point.

The setting up of NetGear R 6300 is very simple and you can set it up within 12 – 15 minutes. The Netgear R 6300 is available in a very reasonable price and the performance is outstanding. You can buy the Netgear r6300 on Amazon and have it delivered at your doorstep for free.


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