Outdoor String Lights : Get your Festive Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor String Lights : Get your Festive Outdoor String Lighting


In order to give your backyard a sharp look and bring out a festive mood you must use outdoor string lights. The modern decorations are about being creative. You can place the outdoor string lighting on your door or on the outdoor plants close to your house. Your home will look like a paradise, with the shimmering lights and the Christmas carols from your stereo. This is the kind of fun that you cannot afford to lose. It gives your home an outstanding brightness. This is a great way to highlight a Christmas night and entertain your visitors outdoors in a stunning environment. outdoor string lights

The best thing is that you can use outdoor string lights independent of the weather conditions. You can have all the outdoor string lighting you want in a rainy weather without risking a power blackout. However, you should ensure that the cables and circuits are in good order. If you do not know how, call an electrician to do it for. To be able to put your outdoor string lights properly, here are some points to consider:

1. Get the strings right: You should easily be able to tell which end goes into the socket. You should ensure that it is in good condition and avoid bringing it into contact with elements that can damage it such as water or dirt. You should unroll your string lights carefully watching not to entangle it in the process. To make your work easier, you should be careful when storing the outdoor string lights after use.

2. Buy outdoor string lights: When shopping make sure that you specify to the sales associate that you need outdoor lights. This is good for safety reasons. Indoor lighting can be dangerous outside. When shopping, you should be specific and let the attendant know that you are going to use the lighting for outdoors. The chords and circuits are made to cope with the weather. You should be cautious when handling equipment not to break them; but the outdoor ones is much stronger. The outdoor string lights can withstand a little more abuse than the indoor lights.

3. Placing the cords inconspicuously: Do not leave the cords hanging. It works better if you hide them. When working on the flower bushes, you can insert them inside the bush gently. This can be a good step to prevent children from pulling the strings. You should not place the chord on the pathways. Your visitors might trip over them.

4. Do not make a bush of them: Just place the appropriate number of strings. This will make the place safer and neat. You can blur the good look of the decorations if you have too many strings in one place. In fact, you might overload your power source which can result to technical problems. The outdoor string lights are easy to fix. All you have to is know the basics of handling electric bulbs.


We have to acknowledge that patio string lights have made huge strides forward rising up from plastic lanterns around the porch railing to elegantly designed LED lights that provide just the right amount of outdoor string lighting, ambiance and style to your patio. In fact decorating your patio with lights will really give you a buzz – there’s such a variety to choose from. You can visit the stores or shop online and don’t forget the auction sites; you can get some really good buys.outdoor string lighting

You can do virtually anything you want to with your patio string lights; it all depends on the kind of budget you have and the outdoor string lighting effect you are seeking. Do you want something mild, toned down, not too bright, something that gives the effect of an over bright star studded sky? Or do you want your patio really lit up and happening? If you are looking for lighting that will be a permanent fixture for the evenings when you sit out or have your cookouts, or do you want something for a particular occasion, a party or something? Consider all of these factors before you go shopping. Read up on ideas online and check out magazines, there’s no shortage of ideas or patio outdoor string lights to be had!

You can choose to go with one type of lighting all the way, outline the roof, walls and doors. You can decorate your patio umbrella with lights, just run them along the spreaders and rim or wind them down the pole. Decorate the plants in your yard; if you have shrubs wind the lights round them or starting from the base of the trees wind upward as high as you want. String lights have the advantage of giving a nice mellow glow to the patio without being too intrusive or distracting.

Choose LED patio string lights, they don’t attract too many insects; they are very durable and consume a lot less electricity. The benefit in decorating your patio with string lights is that you simply cannot go wrong; if you feel it’s underdone, just add more lights; if it looks overdone just remove some of the strings. The clear mini lights are a good choice fitting well around anything from trees to roof to doorways. You always have the option of adding brighter lights for special occasions or should the need arise.

Patio string lights are available in several different themes; you can get special outdoor string lights depending on the event you are celebrating from Christmas to Independence Day, weddings, graduations or birthdays. If you want to decorate your patio in a beach or Hawaiian theme you can do so with ease; go Mexican if you want to spice up your patio a bit!

You may be quite caught up in planning your decorating ideas with patio string lights but don’t forget the safety factor. Buy the best lights you can with a guarantee for outdoor use, fire resistant and waterproof. Have many electrical outlets for your strings, don’t crowd one cable box, it will probably blow all the circuits in the house with the overload! If you are not electrical minded, call in a professional, safety is well worth the investment outlay.


If you are one those people who really love their backyard as I do, and enjoy sitting out there in the evenings after a long day, with the sun going down and a glass of something cold to sip on; read this article to find out how you can decorate with patio umbrella lights to make these special moments come alive like and be even more unique.

The addition of patio umbrella lights gives a very romantic feel to the night and will allow you to enjoy your sit outs well into the night. You can plan fun gatherings with friends or have a romantic dinner with your partner; do a happy family time cookout or just laze around looking at the outdoor string lights and enjoying some down time.

Patio umbrellas are of different types and come in wood, aluminum, heavy duty plastic, wind resistant and cantilever models. You can have anything you want in your backyard, the choice is entirely yours.

Now let’s get right down to some ideas for fixing your patio umbrella lights:

Buy LED lights for starters, they generate very little heat and do not consume much electricity. One big advantage in using LED lights is that insects don’t find them so attractive!

String style patio umbrella lights: you will run the outdoor string lights along the spreaders of the umbrella and even the rim if you want, the ones that hold the fabric taut at the top. You can even buy patio umbrellas with the light system built into the ribs. Either way you will get a nice ambient light for sitting out on your patio.

Globe style patio umbrella lights: the lights come housed in globes that can wrap around the pole and be adjusted to meet your lighting requirements. You can get them in white or clear globes with a metallic finish but choices are plentiful so take your time shopping for what suits you best. You can get a very fancy cordless cafe style, super bright LED globe array that clamps securely to the umbrella pole, is weather resistant and made of highly durable plastic.

Lamp patio umbrella lights: this type of lighting is of the brighter variety should you want brighter light to play games by or for dining. You can power them by electricity or solar power though they do take batteries. These lights wrap around the pole, grouped together in a housing that can be metallic or otherwise, rather than run along the ribs of the umbrella. Moving them closer to the table will provide you with more light and moving them up the pole away from the table will dim the lighting a bit.

Solar patio umbrella lights: when the sun goes down these lights automatically come on, having powered up all through the day on sunlight. The LED lights are embedded in the umbrella spreaders with one in the center. The umbrella itself is highly durable and sun, wind and rain resistant. You can manually switch off it you are not using your patio on any particular night; otherwise you will get 6-8 hours of light. Best of all no wires to be bothered with!

From the simple string lights to high tech cafe style globe LED lights you have a wide range of patio umbrella lights to choose from. Go shopping and turn your garden into your own personal paradise!

Outdoor Christmas Bubble Lights

When planning to decorate your home with outdoor Xmas lights you will need to determine the building style of your home first. Do you have a Duplex, Victorian, Ranch style, Tudor or just a basic box style home? Once you have determined the style you can move on to decorating it. Different construction styles look better with different decorating themes. For example your Victorian style home is all about elegance and you will have to use plenty of outdoor string lights, literally strings and strings to decorate the outside architectural features, to enhance the elegance of the house. Ranch style homes look better with lighting along the roof line, fencing and walkways.

Now that you have the basic idea of where to begin with your plan to put up outdoor Christmas bubble lights you can go ahead and bring out the outdoor string lights that you have, check them over, clean them up and plug them in to see what works and what doesn’t. Bulbs that don’t light up can easily be replaced with new ones.

Christmas is a festival of celebration, a happy time for all from both the religious and the traditional points of view. Go a splash on your outdoor lighting and give your home a stunning facade of lights this holiday season. You can buy lights in the shape of Santa and snowmen, Christmas trees and bells, angels and baubles; the choices really are endless it would seem and every year sees new offerings. The colors associated with Christmas are red and green mostly but you can use any colors you want, there’s no right and wrong when stringing up outdoor Christmas bubble lights! Buy weather proof outdoor string lights, most of them come in plain white and multicolored outdoor string light sets.

Some ideas on what to do with the outdoor Christmas bubble lights:

– You can, depending on your house style either cover the walls and other architectural features with the Christmas bubble lights or outline the whole house with outdoor string lights.
– Wrap them around pillars or wrap green garland around your pillars with the outdoor string lights strung out along the garlands; stick some artificial holly and poinsettia flowers to give it some color.
– You can wrap the lights around the trees in your garden, start at the base and go as high as you want; all the way to the top and some branches will really give the garden a grand look.
– You can put up a Santa and sleigh frame of lights on the roof near the chimney for added dramatic effect.
– Frame all your windows with lights.
– Wrap the outdoor string lights all along your shrubbery or string them along the fencing, depending on what you have.
– If your driveway does not have bushes lining it, never mind, make a border of stones, slightly biggish boulders, along the driveway leading up to the house, paint the stones white and then wrap your colored outdoor string lights all round the stones. The effect will be absolutely stunning.

We can go on an on with ideas for your outdoor Christmas bubble lights but we have to stop here. What it all comes down to is the kind of budget you have for decorating your house at Christmas time. You can spend an absolute fortune on outdoor string lighting or make do with a small amount; more is always better when it comes to lighting but string your outdoor Christmas bubble lights out artistically and tastefully and it really won’t matter.


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