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Where is Solar Energy Found and Who Discovered Solar Energy?

The History of Solar Energy Technology

The advantages and benefits of solar energy are very clear with a rising increase in the use of solar energy as an alternate power source. However, who discovered solar energy and its historical past is not commonly known. It is often an assumption that the energy crisis that occurred in the 1970’s which found consumers waiting in long lines just for gasoline, was what generated the movement towards solar energy. But this is simply not true. There had been a great deal of interest in developing solar energy for commercial use throughout the first part of the 20th century, the progress was simply slow and the technology not well understood. Upon further research, it is easy to see that the history of who discovered solar energy and its uses dates back thousands of years.

Satellite systems provided the initial practical application for photovoltaic solar cells. For its time, the photovoltaic solar cells were extraordinary, providing the necessary electrical energy for the Vanguard I satellite that operated successfully until the system was shut down in 1964. The first motor to run on solar energy was done by Mouchout, who discovered solar energy could also power a steam engine.

Solar Energy and Technological Developments

The two basic forms of solar energy used today include solar electric energy and solar thermal energy. Typically solar electric energy uses the sun’s rays to generate electricity with the use of photovoltaic solar cells. Solar thermal energy uses the energy of the sun to heat liquids such as water or even glycol.

Many believe solar technology to be one of the most exciting technologies being developed in the world and aren’t worried about who discovered solar energy. They want to know how solar energy can be used for commercial purposes. It is especially exciting when compared with the growing expense and falling suppliers of typical energy sources like fossil fuel. The incredible benefits of solar technology are limitless in developing worlds and modern societies.

The Future of Solar Energy

Solar Energy and Future Advancements

The original person who discovered solar energy probably did not imagine it would reach personal use to heat homes and generated enough electricity to power homes and cars. The impressive history of solar energy is only one step towards the incredibly bright future of this unique technology that will change the way every day consumers conduct their lives. The continuous advancements in solar technology research has only increased the interest in to making the newest technologies available to the general public. Even with today’s solar energy technology, homeowners have the ability to have solar energy systems installed with very little reliance on centralized power stations. The person who discovered solar energy could not have imagined the wide spread use of solar technology.

The use of solar energy has multiple benefits. A solar energy source saves consumers money after the initial investment in to the panel infrastructure. Money savings is a bigger driver for consumers than understanding who discovered solar energy or its technical details. Solar energy is also environmentally friendly, vastly reducing the amount of hazardous gases and fuels that are spilled in to the environment. This harmful pollution threatens the global climate. A consumer can benefit substantially by educating themselves on who discovered solar energy, its uses and technologies in today’s society and its availability for general public use.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy has been topical for a long time, but there has been little and certainly not enough done to educate us and to help us understand what the different energy types are.

Solar energy comes in two forms.  The energy capacity is either ‘collected’ through photovoltaic or thin film cells or via thermal collectors.  The photovoltaic or thin film uses the suns energy into electricity.  Solar thermal energy is completely different.  This uses the heat of the sun to generate heat for us such as water heaters, pool heaters or general homes and buildings, it does not however, convert it into electricity for use on other appliances.

Why Do We Need To Change?

There are many theories about what is happening environmentally across the globe, but here are some of the facts which are worthy of respect:

  • Fossil fuels will run out
  • Fossil fuel prices are prone to fluctuation and with the current global economic situation as well as the social issues in come of the countries which control fossil fuels; the prices are more likely to rise than fall.
  • Fossil fuels produce pollutants, which affect our air quality.
  • Breathing related illness are increasing and more and more children are suffering with this.
  • We only have two options for the future; renewable or alternative energy sources.
  • Nuclear seems to be the most likely replacement of fossil fuels, but with Chernobyl still in our memories and watching the consequences of the Fukushima plant, there is clearly still progress needed.
  • Nuclear energy is an alternative energy and not a renewable.
  • Renewable energies will never run out, they are, as their name suggests, naturally renewed.

We cannot rely on the future of fossil fuels and at the moment the confidence in nuclear power has been undermined – so we need to understand our options and know that now is the time to act.

Understanding Your Energy Choices (solar power category)

As explained above there are different types of energy available to us in this time of change.  Below is a list of the different energy types:

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Biomass
  • Hydroelectric
  • Solar heat/thermal
  • Wind power
  • Geothermal
  • Biofuel
  • Solar photovoltaic / thin film

This list is everything, renewable, alternative and fossil! Globally we will be dependent of a range of these; there is not one single source suitable.

But for your home your choices are limited to: solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and of course traditional fossil driven electricity from your local grid.

Swapping To Solar Panels (solar panels category)

Where is Solar Energy FoundPeople have built homes which are completely run from renewable energies.  Unfortunately these homes are expensive and the concepts work, but cannot be simply transferred to some of our current properties.

However, what we can all do is start to replace some of our usage with solar energy.  Solar panels for the home are very advanced and they are available to all of us now.

The original solar panel installation was a problem for many homes as the structures of some buildings was simply not suitable.  This issue has been resolved as we now have the third generation of solar panels available which are much more suitable for the average property.

The other area which has put lots of us off solar power was the hugely high costs involved in converting.  This has been over come in several ways.  Firstly, there is less adaption of our homes needed.  Secondly the development of the solar industry means that this technology is more efficient as specifically developed for the home.  The final change is that governments want us to change and there are now grants available in most areas to help the transition away from fossil fuels.

So how do you actually get your solar power working? (solar panel kits category)

There are three basic routes to converting some or all of your home usage to solar power.

Firstly you can DIY it – yup – you can actually get all the bits and Do It Yourself.  This is obviously the cheapest way.  (And I am sure that you could use the skills learnt afterwards to help those around you).

The second option is the half way one – you choose and buy your solar kit and then you choose from a list of registered installation companies and individuals to fit it all up for you.

The third and most expensive, but easiest route, is to chose a company and pay for them to review your home, work out the best system for your property and for them to install this.  Quite a lot of cents – but less grey hairs and general stress.

The Technical Bit – What Is Photovoltaic?  (photovoltaic category)

Photovoltaic is the technology behind converting solar heat into electricity.  When people refer to solar electricity is generated by the photovoltaic system.  Photovoltaic technology is used in more than 100 countries and is the fastest growing power generating technology.

When the sun hits a solar photovoltaic cell the photons of light activate the electrons and make them move, creating an energy which is converted into electricity. (A summary of years of research and billions of dollars – into one simple sentence!!!)

You will also hear and have read above about thin film panels.  These are also photovoltaic.  The silicon inside a thin film, essential for the photovoltaic solar energy success is main difference between the traditional panels and these.

The thin films are as the name suggests, thin.  This means that they are considerably lighter and therefore much more usable on the average building.

They are slightly less efficient and slightly more expensive, but in the 5 years leading up to 2009 solar power was averaging an annual increase of around 60 percent.  This increase is primarily due to the advances such as the thin film photovoltaic solar panels. So we now have a access to a technology which was previously unusable to the majority of us.

Solar Panel Kits Guide

The creation of solar panel kits means that we can all have solar power in our homes.

There was a time, not very long ago, when getting solar power was a long and drawn out business – and an expensive one as well.

One of the things which has brought this into line with the public requirements and budgets is the development of solar panel kits.

The solar panel kit is not the perfect solution if you are converting your entire property to solar energy.  If this is your aim then you may be best getting a more specific design.

But for most of us the solar panel kit is a great solution.

If you are going to do it yourself then you are best of specifically targeted DIY Solar Panel Kits.  These are more comprehensive and do not expect you to have an array of basic parts to drawn on in order to complete your installation.  There are a huge range of solar kits specifically designed for those who are new to solar power.  This is a good, cheap way to get you on the solar system.  The other advantage of the DIY solar kits is that they allow you to increase your solar usage as you understand more about it.  Perhaps you want to start with adding solar heating to your pool, solar power to your RV?  These are fairly simple and straight forward projects which are also a great introduction to solar power.  (If you have kids you can also get kits to make solar powered remote control cars – and there is nothing more fun than racing cars which you built yourself).

If you are not looking to do the work yourself then you have to consider your solar kit a little more carefully.  If you are paying for installation then the range of kits available is much greater.

It is worth considering the kit and the installation separately to start with.  I would suggest that you start by deciding which of the kits you think will best suit your needs.  Then take these ideas to the different manufacturers and sales offices in your area and see who can fit something similar and at what cost.  Remember that you will be speaking to salesmen.  These salesmen want you to buy their product – so you can negotiate – in fact you should negotiate.

If you are committed to spending money on a solar installation then it is in the interest of every solar outlet in your area to want your business and to get you to recommend them to your friends.

When there is a craze – for a car or a toy – the item will sell itself.  The problem with solar energy is that many people are still only just realizing quite how accessible solar power has become.  This means that anyone getting on the band wagon now is in a good position to negotiate a great deal.  There are a lot of resources being pumped into renewable energy sources and in many cases you are the target market for these funds.

So the solar panel kit is going to be your savior.  This is how you are going to get started with solar power.

How the Experts Identify Changes in Cat Behavior when a Cat is Old

The following changes are typically seemed in older cats. If a change in your cat comes on suddenly, is severe, or worries you, ask your veterinarian about possible causes and treatments.

Your cat’s behavior may change. She may be less active, interact less with family members, become more or less vocal, sleep more, hang out or hide in secluded places and act disoriented.

As your cat’s metabolism changes, she may gain or lose weight, lose muscle tone and strength, take on a bony feel, develop a dull coat or dry skin, eat or drink more or less, urinate more, defecate less frequently, and urinate or defecate outside litter box.

Your cat also may appear stiff, sore or lame, lose some or all of her vision, which will be apparent if she bumps into things or fails to react to movement, lose some or all of her hearing, which will be apparent if she does not react to sounds around her, develop dental problems, including broken teeth and gum disease (symptoms include reluctance to eat, swelling or tenderness around and bad breath), develop digestive problems, which may cause vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, gas and weight loss and also become more prone to disease and infection due to her less efficient immune system.
Life is a process of continuous change. Your cat’s first year of life is akin to a human being’s childhood and adolescence, and by her first birthday, she is more or less like a person in her late teens. By about two years old, she is a fully mature adult feline equivalent of a person in her 20s.

At about six years, she is much like a person in her 40s and may begin to show some early signs of aging. This is a good time to schedule a thorough examination, including some special screening tests to establish pre geriatric baselines.

At seven or eight years of age, your cat is like a person in her 50s and is beginning or approaching her senior phase of life, which may last another seven or eight years, or longer. With any luck, your middle aged cat will maintain excellent health, although this is a time of life when disease begins to take a toll on many individuals.

Your cat may begin to look her age, or she may look much as she did at two or three years. Still, you can expect to see some signs of aging when she is between seven and ten years old.

Cat Behavior Problems, especially in Older Cats

Health Problems From Cat Litter

In the old days, what cat owners will do to disperse cat litter is to make a litter box for their lovely furrballs. They would put some sand in those boxes or better yet, ashes can also be effective in eliminating cat odor from cat litters and then, when “the right time comes”, the owner will come and scoop up the hardened litter because of sand or ashes and throw it away. Other would find garden dirt has a natural and effective way to eliminate cat litter odor. Shredded newspaper is another alternative. As a cat owner, you should be aware of these thing including health problems from cat litter.Now, every cat owner will agree that their cats can bring out the worst of the worst kinds of litter around. It can be painful when exhaled and not only that, one cat owner claimed that her daughter developed asthma because of cat litters.

Cat behavior problemsThere are even more things that can contribute to human health problems because of cat litters. That’s why you should be very wary about how you dispose of them.

As what have mentioned before, cat litter boxes are a good way to dispose cat litters and cat litter boxes had a sort of “wonderful” history that goes with it.

In the last 40’s, an entrepreneur, Edward Lowe, sold of kinds of absorbents in his father’s chemical company. One day, he gave his neighbor a supply of an absorbent known as Fuller’s Earth to replace the ashes that were used by his neighbor for her cat’s litter box. Instantly, she was sold to the idea of using Fuller’s Earth to eliminate odor and to easily scoop up cat litter with ease. Because of this, Lowe thought about selling it commercially and he did just that and guesses what? His cat litter idea became very popular and a new industry way born.

After more than half a century later, “scoopable” cat litters containing this kind of absorbent, now known as sodium bentonite came into market and was sold internationally. Traditional clay litters had to be replaced frequently. The best thing about this idea is it would last a month without completely replacing the used litter.

This can really help a lot of cat owners prevent health problems for their families. But as with any other chemicals or absorbent and God-knows-what-else-you’ve-got, there is always the presence of what you call side-effects. Inhaled particles of cat litter could pose danger in both feline and human lungs, as this dust of cat litter is silica dust. What’s more, the “clumping activity” could draw fluid in the intestines as time passes by causing dehydration in cats and humans alike. If you have already used this kind of product, you might have already experienced this kind of feeling or problem.

Using any kind of chemical or absorbent to eliminate cat litter odor and everything else can be beneficial just as long as you take some precautionary measures. Bear in mind that healthy problems from cat litter will always arise in both cats and humans but if being done in a safe and careful way, it would be beneficial to everyone including your feline friend. As always, the best thing that you can do is to consult your vet about it and that’s the whole bottom line. Sometimes, you can do away with things but sometimes, you can’t and approaching somebody who is a professional or an expert could even spell the difference between being healthy and being sick.

What To Look For When Choosing A Cat As A Pet

Are you a person who likes peace and quiet? Then perhaps neither the Siamese nor the Oriental Short-hair is for you because their voices can be very loud. And if you want your curious to remain on their shelves or the coffee table, then most of the short-haired breeds are taboos. They just love to rearrange anything movable. A guide to breeds will help you decide which cat best suits you, your lifestyle and your family needs.

When choosing a cat, give careful consideration to which breeds are suited to your climate. Those with little hair, such as Cornish Rex, will need special care in keeping them warm and free from drafts.

Do you live in a place that is hot and humid? If so, a long-haired breed may not be comfortable unless you have air conditioning. And a short-haired cat should shiver his days away in a cold and windy climate, unless kept strictly indoors. Even then, he will want the furnace going because he does not have a thick coat to keep him warm.

Certain breeds, such as Sphynx and Rexes, have little or no hair and need special handling. The Sphynx can be easily sunburned too, so must be sheltered from sunlight.

Not every cat will sit on your lap. Some are too busy or too highly strung to settle down for long. Others, that have thick or long coats, may not like the added warmth of our laps. It makes them feel uncomfortable and they move away. Since all cats are lap size, if you really want to increase your chances of him being a lap cat, a short-haired cat is for you, but there are no guarantees.

When choosing a veterinarian, it is not only important to find one who likes cats but also to find one who will work with you in keeping your pet healthy. It is important to locate a veterinarian who is technically competent and with whom you feel comfortable.

After all, it is you who lives with your cat and knows his normal behavior. Unless your cat is sick, you will probably need to take him to the veterinarian only once each year for his checkup and annual booster vaccinations.

How The Experts Explain Signs Of Aging In Older Cats

Change is the essence of growing older, and as much as you might like your cat to stay just as she is, you will probably begin to see some physical and behavioral changes in her from seven or eight years on.

We will look in more detail at the ways that your cat and her life may evolve as she grows older, and what you can do to keep her healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Aging cats are like aging people in many ways, which is not surprising because we are mammals with bodies and brains that work much the same way. Your older cat may move more slowly and seem stiff, especially when she first gets up.

She may have trouble going up or down stairs and may not be able to perform athletic feats that used to be second nature. Her reaction time may be slower and her eyesight and hearing less acute.

Her beautiful eyes may take on a cloudy appearance, and her coat may become dry and dull and even slow some signs of gray. In short, she may begin to look and move like a senior citizen.

Internal changes also occur with age. For instance, your cat’s body will eventually become less efficient at regulating its own temperature, making her feel chilly when everyone else is comfy or even too warm. She can not put on extra clothing like an elderly person might, so she will look for warmer spots in the house.

Many older cats take on a bony feel due to loss of subcutaneous under the skin fat, and the loss of that natural padding makes them seek soft places to lie down. Be sure that your cat has a comfy, clean place or two to sleep.

Your can purchase special orthopedic pet beds filled with soft, supportive foam, but chances are your cat will prefer a cozy corner of your couch or the middle if your down comforter.

How to Care for an Elderly Cat

Stress Management Activities

What Is Stress Management?

First of all let’s understand the basic meaning of Stress! We all deal with stress in our lives from time to time. From pressures at work to pressures at home, stress happens. The good news is that we can do something about it. Stress doesn’t have to be debilitating and we don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the effects of stress. There are a number of stress management techniques that are simple and can help calm and relax you when the stress sets in.

Stress management begins by taking the time to figure out what the sources of stress are in your life. More often than not, it is your own thoughts and feelings that cause the highest amount of stress. You may be feeling as if your work isn’t good enough, or worried the bills won’t get paid, or begin procrastinating instead of staying focused.

One great stress management technique to start putting to practice is keeping a stress log or journal. Jot down the everyday things that cause you to feel stress or pressure. By starting to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and reactions you can help manage your stress more effectively. In the long run, you may be able to eliminate your own stress inducing behaviors.
Another of the stress management techniques is in learning to say “no”. Many times we bring on stress by taking on way more than we are capable of. Learn your limits and stick with them. If you have four or five projects in the works and they are taking up all your time, do not take on a sixth project. Be firm and realize it is better to do a great job on five projects, then do mediocre work on six.

Stress management techniques begin with learning the things that stress you out in the first place. Once you know the main causes of stress, you can take steps to eliminate and reduce those factors in your life.

When Stress Management is a Must:

No one likes to be around a stressed person. They are tired, irritable, and unpleasant to be around. No one likes to be around you when you are stressed because of these reasons too. Stress management techniques have been developed to help people relax and calm down. There is more to stress than being unpleasant to be around, it is also dangerous for your health. Did you know that too much stress can kill you?

stress management techniques for studentsStress causes your body to react leaving you feeling physical pain. Achy, sore, and tense shoulders and back are a cause of stress. The blood pressure starts to rise and the heart rate increases, over time this can cause permanent damage. Other symptoms include headaches, tired eyes, loss of sleep, digestive problems, and so on and so forth.

Learning stress management techniques is a must for people suffering physical ailments. If you have high blood pressure, you know it’s important to keep your stress level down to a minimum. Stress management is also important for people who work high pressure, stressful jobs. Of course, any job can be stressful if we allow it to be, but some jobs are geared toward stressful situations. For instance, police or firefighters; stock brokers; and air traffic controllers all have high stress jobs.

Everyone can benefit from stress management techniques and relaxation exercises. No matter what life throws at you, stress can be controlled and managed. We don’t have to spend each and every day on the brink of insanity. Situations can be handled and controlled and left if necessary, even if only for a few minutes. There is nothing given to us that we cannot handle and we can handle them cool, calm, and collected.

What Are The Best Stress Management Techniques for Students?

There are healthy ways to deal with stress and there are unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Finding the best stress management techniques is a goal everyone should strive for. Unhealthy stress management techniques include; smoking, drinking, zoning out and ignoring the issues, sleeping it off, and lashing out at others. These methods are not only unhealthy, they don’t solve anything and usually make the stressful situations even worse.

Strive for healthy stress management techniques. Ones that help solve the issues and eliminate the stress altogether. Stress happens and it needs to be dealt with or it will only get worse. Below are some of the best stress management techniques.

The first stress management technique is to take all the extra tasks and chores off your plate. Learn to say ‘no’ when you are too busy or your plate is filling up. Look at your to do list and concentrate only on those tasks that need to be done now; you don’t have to complete your entire list in one day. Learn how to manage your time. Don’t spend a great deal of time on one task and don’t over analyze your work. Most people do a fine job the first time and then analyze the project to death but never make any changes because it was perfect the first time.

Stay away from negative people or people who cause you stress. If there are certain people in the office that know how to push your buttons avoid them. Stay out of office debates if you know you will stay upset all day. Find ways to take control of your environment and you will reduce a lot of unnecessary stress.

Talk your feelings over with someone. Leaving things bottled up can cause unneeded stress in your life. Be assertive and stand up for yourself as well; don’t let others walk all over you.

Learning helpful stress management techniques can help reduce the stress in your life. Once you know what causes you stress, you can take steps to make changes. Working towards a stress free life is a goal anyone can strive for.

Best Stress Management Activities:

How To Manage Stress? Basic Stress Management Techniques

Managing the stress that plaques are daily life can be a challenge. Why are some people so good at staying calm in stressful situation, while other people are pulling out their hair? Basic stress management techniques are the key to staying calm while everyone else is screaming.

One of the many stress management technique is learning to control those things you can and let go of the things you can’t. You can’t control every situation that comes your way, but you can control your reaction to that situation. You can plan the most perfect picnic in the park, but you can’t control who will show up and who won’t, and you can’t control the weather. If it rains on your picnic day, it is out of your control. You can panic, run around screaming, and curse the sky; or, you can laugh it off and put up a large tent or move the picnic inside. The amount of stress that you allow to affect you is the amount you will feel.

There are many stress management techniques that will work just as well. Meditation and yoga can help relax you when things get out of hand. Taking a short break or brisk walk for a few minutes; leaving the stressful situation behind. Asking for help or just talking out what you are feeling can help alleviate the overwhelming sensation inside you.

Stress management techniques are something that can be learned. Some people are born to naturally deal with stress better than others, but we can teach ourselves to think different. You can take a bad situation and make the best out of it, or you can stress out and possibly make it worse. The choice is always yours.

Stress Management Activities
Stress Management Activities

How To Manage Your Stress On a Daily Basis?

Stress happens on a daily basis, so learning stress management techniques for daily use is a must. Stress can start early in the morning and continue until bedtime, but learning techniques to control it can be a necessary step toward a stress free lifestyle.

An important factor is managing stress is finding out what it is that causes the most stress in your life. Are you always running late? Maybe set all the clocks in the house ahead 10-20 minutes. Are you overwhelmed by your to do list? Try organizing the list by priorities instead of trying to tackle the entire thing in one sitting. Traffic getting you down? Try taking different ways to work, they may be the long way around but traffic could be lighter and you arrive at work without the headache.

Managing stress is as simple as finding those techniques that work best for you and applying them when stress starts to get you. If you can figure out the stress triggers, you can implement stress management techniques at the onset.

Work is the number one stress in most people’s lives. Figure out what triggers the stress there and then work out techniques to deal with them. Too many projects? Delegate or ask for help. You don’t have to try and do everything yourself; that is why you have co-workers to help you out. Learn how to say no when you start to feel overwhelmed; you don’t have to take on every single project. If you are feeling overwhelmed, share those feelings with your supervisor so they can help spread out the work.

You don’t have to live with stress. Stress management techniques can help you relax. Even if you just take a few deep breaths at your desk, you are releasing stress. No one wants to live with stress, so stop forcing yourself too.


It’s common knowledge that eating a high fat diet can have a negative impact on your health in the long run. It can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and other ailments. But can a single high fat meal also have a negative impact on your body’s ability to perform normally? A recent study indicates that it can.

A recent study shows that eating a single high fat breakfast can negatively impact your body’s ability to handle various stressful situations. The test group was exposed to 4 different types of stressful conditions, while their blood pressure, heart rate and blood vessel resistance was monitored.

The group eating the high fat breakfast reacted more strongly to the stressful situations. Their bodies did not adapt as well to the stress that they were exposed to.

Although the study concludes that additional research is needed, it would be wise to consider these results when you are planning your meals. You should especially keep the results in mind when you are under a lot of stress.

If you are preparing for a stressful event, you may want to play it safe and eat healthy just in case. Next time you have a really bad day or do not seem to be handling stress as easily as normal, you may want to evaluate what you had for breakfast. Perform your own test and make your own decision.