Some awesome tips on making your Windows version Faster

Some awesome tips on making your Windows version Faster

Tips on making your Windows version Faster!

Time is money and by making your computer faster, you will be able to save huge amount Faster Computer windows versionof your time.  In order to make your computer run faster, you must know the tricks and tweaks to make your Windows platform faster and effective. Some of these tips might not work with older versions of Windows, but all of them will work with the latest versions of Windows such as windows 7 and vista.

Following are the ways of making Windows Version Faster:

1)      Quick Navigation with Alt and Tab: If you have opened several windows on your desktop, then it is quit annoying and time consuming to go back and forth for different windows. In order to save your time from opening the several applications, you can use the combination of Alt key and Tab Key. Press Alt and Tab in order to bring a leader box in middle on your screen, which contains all the windows applications that you have opened and on you are working. Keep on pressing Tab until you find your windows app that you want to access. This shortcut will save lot of your time in a long run and it is very faster than opening the applications one by one with the help of mouse.

2)      Create Shortcut keys on your Keyboard: There must be some programs on your computer that you frequently access. In order to save some time and quickly open the programs you should assign the keyboard shortcuts for those programs. It is very easy to create keyboard shortcuts for the programs or files. All you have to do is right click on the desktop shortcut program that you frequently access, then select properties and on the Shortcut tab of properties window, find the “Shortcut key” option and press the key on the text box provided in front of “Shortcut Key:” and that is it. The shortcut key on your keyboard gets assigned to that program and now you can access that program just by hitting Ctrl + Alt + your shortcut key! This tweak is very time saving and it makes the task faster without touching the mouse.

3)      Create Shortcut on your Desktop: If you access a program by navigating several drives and folders, then it is wise to create a quick access desktop shortcut for those programs that you access frequently. In order to create desktop shortcut, right click the file and select “Create Shortcut”, then send that file to the desktop for quick access anytime. Always remember that the shortcut is just a reference of the original file and if you move the original file in different location, then the shortcut will not work.

4)      Default Keyboard Shortcuts: Do you know that your keyboard keys contain several default shortcuts? The default keyboard shortcuts are very useful for quickly performing common tasks such as copy or paste. The keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste and Ctrl + Z to undo are very well known by many computer users, but there are several other keyboard shortcuts which are very useful as well. The shortcuts such as Windows key + L will lock your system, the Ctrl + Y will perform a redo action and by pressing the Tab key you will be able to go to various fields of an application.

5)      Press Windows button to open the programs: The quick way to access the start menu programs for Windows 7 is to press the windows button and on the search box write the name of a program that you want to access and press enter. You don’t have to use the mouse in order to perform this task and it is very quick and easy.

6)      Eliminate Unwanted Startup Programs to Speed up your Windows: You must deactivate the start up programs that has nothing to do with windows start up functioning. There are several programs which set themselves to the startup launch after installing and as a result the boot up process slows down. The unwanted startup programs slowdowns your computer and consuming memory of your system. In order to deactivate the unwanted startup programs, click on start menu and type ‘MSCONFIG’ on the windows search box and click on the ‘msconfig’ icon. On the ‘MSCONFIG’ windows go to the ‘startup’ tab and deselect the unwanted programs that are not responsible for the start up of your system. Make sure that you do not deselect the important windows files, just deselect the files that you have installed and that have nothing to with windows startup! This tweak will increase the speed of your computer to the great extent.

7)      Get rid of Unwanted Files and Programs: The amount of files and programs your hard drive contains has the impact on the speed of your computer. So, make sure that you get rid of unwanted files in order to free up the hard drive space. If there are some files that you do not use frequently, then store those files on the external hard drive. External hard drives are very cheap and have the capacity of more than 500 GB! Freeing up the hard disk space will help in smooth functioning of your computer system.

Always remember to keep your PC protected and secured from virus infections or Trojans. The virus infection will slow down your PC and it will damage your computer’s private data. So, make sure that you scan your computer regularly with the help of powerful antivirus software. I recommend you to read the post about keeping your computer secured and infection free!

I will share some more tips about making your computer faster and will update the tips on this post. If you have any extra information regarding this topic and want to share your knowledge with us, then feel free to comment below.


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