Specialized Mountain Bikes

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Specialized Mountain Bikes

If you are searching for some excellent moves in the off roads, you should certainly move for the Specialized mountain bikes. The bikers like to ride on the hills or muddy trails or a make some stunt movements. For the past three decades the sports bike manufacturers are designing specialized men’s mountain bike.

All the sportsmen love to have some safe and easy rides on the rough trails; it might be their first preference to buy for themselves. There are several models in the mountain bikes collection.

These bikes are sophisticated, very strong but light for the swift movements. Nowadays the manufacturers are providing all the facilities to the men mountain riders.

Specialized Mountain Bikes
Specialized Mountain Bikes

The Specialized Mountain Bikes are always made of light-weight high-tech materials. They are often produced for long-time uses. There are advanced gear systems integrated in these mountain bikes. There might be four types of mountain bikes on the basis of suspensions.

They are the fully rigid, that are without suspensions, hard tails, soft tails and dual suspension bikes. The styles are also different. The most popular designs are Cross country, all mountain, Free Ride and Trail bikes.

All of them are designed concerning different purposes. So you can be choosy while you buy one, but you have to always be very careful to buy specialized mountain bikes the right one for your preferred services.

First confirm that you will be doing lots of off-rides prior to purchasing a mountain bike. If you are just looking for rides inside the towns, on the flat trails; the normal bikes will be good for you to purchase rather than a mountain bike.

The normal bikes are always prepared for common movements on ready and smooth trails. You might select hybrids or cruisers for this purpose.

If you are simply moving towards the hills or rough tracks then the mountain bikes are ideal for you. The local retailers are always ready with their locally produced heavy mountain bikes.

Though they have nice combination of suspensions, gear or break pumps, they will not serve you the purpose reliably. Moreover, the products are not branded ones; there is no guarantee that they will serve well for a long time period.

So before you select your Specialized Mountain Bikes, you must go through the catalogs and choose the best one for your purposes.

Specialized 29er Mountain Bike in Action:

Beginner Mountain Biking

The rush. The excitement. It can only be mountain biking…

Whether you’re climbing up a steep hill with loose gravel or bouncing down a rocky path, you’re doing one thing, and that’s mountain biking. Why do people mountain bike? What are the do’s and don’t’s? What do you wear? All of this information is included in this lens. Enjoy and experience the amazing sport of what can only be called: mountain biking. And this lens is an introduction to all of that. It will show you the basics of beginner mountain biking.

Do you need to have a mountain bike to go mountain biking?


I have seen people out on the hills with an old comfort back and that is fine. They’re not riding anything too steep or too rocky. But let’s say you wanted to go down that hill with the ledges that you see people going down all the time. Don’t. If your bike has no suspension, it isn’t wise to go out on trails like that. Why you ask? If you don’t have suspension to lower the force that hose ledges put on your bike frame, there is a chance you will damage your bike, and even yourself, very seriously.


Another thing that you should know is that when getting a mountain bike, get one that is light. What that means is, don’t get one from a store like Wal-Mart that is made from a heavy steel frame. You should try and find a bike that is made of a lighter material like aluminum. Carbon fiber models are available as well, but those are much more pricey. The reason you want to get a lighter bike is because heavy bikes will be almost impossible to climb hills with.

Hardtail VS. Full Suspension


Here is how a hardtail differs from a Full Suspension:

1. It is lighter
2. It’s quick
3. The handling is harder on tougher stuff (big rocks, etc.)
4. When doing smooth climbing, it’s faster
5. Climbing on rocks is harder because it’s lighter and you have more traction loss

Full Suspension

Here is how a full suspension differs from a hardtail:

1. It’s heavier
2. It’s slightly slower
3. The handling is easier on tough stuff
4. When doing smooth climbing, it’s a bit slower than a hardtail
5. On rocky climbs, it climbs steadily

Warning to Buyers

Some people make the mistake of buying a downhill mountain bike. This bike is not meant for, and will not perform good, on anything but downhill riding. So double check that the bike is not meant only for downhills. There is a picture on the left to help you identify a downhill mountain bike. Notice how the frame is lower and angled sharply, and how the fork extends farther. Remember, don’t buy a downhill mountain bike unless you are planning to ride downhill.

I heard there are special shoes for mountain biking…

Special shoes? Yes. These shoes clip on to special pedals and keep them from slipping off of the bike. People wear them so they can do things like climb easier. The way this works is that you get the same force that you push down on the pedal with as you pull up, therefore making the climb considerably easier. These are good for cycling, but not the best for mountain biking. Yes, some people wear then out on the trails, but there have been many injuries caused by this shoe lock mechanism. You can easily take them off, but not fast enough. Not when your bike has hit a bump and you need to vault off of that bike as fast as possible. And falls do happen. Be aware of that.

Mountain Bike Helmets

Regular Bicycle Helmets

This is the helmet most people use. It’s lightweight and most importantly, it keeps your head safe. This is the type of helmet you would use when going on something like a climb and some downhill, all with little to moderate rocks. It’s not too steep and the rocks are probably at most about 2 feet high. You don’t need to jump off tall ledges and carve through steep rock pits. The average ride. For a person riding average trails, this is the helmet you want.

Full Face Helmets

Mountain Bike Full Face Helmets
Full Face Helmets

Now these helmets are completely different. They are for a very different type of riding. You wear these helmets if you are riding in a type of mountain biking called “downhill biking. ” This is a type of ride full of tall ledges, loose rocks, and everything else you can think of. They are also used when doing jumps and tricks high in the air. These helmets are very heavy. If you need to wear a helmet like this, you should also use something called a neck brace which supports your head when you fall since the helmet is so heavy. Be careful!

Mountain Bike Accessories

Here are some accessories you might find useful when mountain biking:

Bike pants: These pants are made with padding on the back so that when you come back from a day of riding over rocks and bumps, your behind isn’t sore to the bone.

Gloves: Gloves keep you from getting sores and calluses on the palms of your hands after cycling.

Sunglasses: Not only do they have UV protection, but they also keep dirt and bugs out of your eyes.

10 Tips for Mountain Biking

1. Plan your route before you leave.
2. Ride with a friend. It’s safer to have someone close by.
3. Perform a bike check before heading off on the trail to make sure that everything is in working order and nothing’s loose. You don’t want to be stuck going down a steep hill with no working brakes.
4. Ride only on trails at your level. If you’re a beginner, don’t try an expert trail.
5. Always wear a helmet. Without a head, you wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.
6. Don’t over exercise. Teak breaks.
7. Be aware of your surroundings.
8. Pay attention to where you’re going. If possible, when you’re going down the trail, plan exactly which rocks you’ll go around and which you’ll go over.
9. Follow your instincts.
10. Have fun! After all, that’s what mountain biking is all about!


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