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Battery operated fan

Battery operated fan is very essential at places where air circulation and ventilation is a big issue. With the help of battery operated fan you can avoid compromising your health in places where ventilation is not properly maintained. Battery operated fans are cheap alternatives to costly air conditioners and air purifiers. Now a days there are majority of battery operated fans available in the market.

Below are some of the different types of battery operated fans commonly used for keeping out the heat and keeping cool in all types of occasions and situations:

Battery Operated Camping Fan: There are 2 types of battery operated fans used for camping purposes. One is the battery operated camping fan which is similar to a desk fan which is placed on the floor and the other type is the battery operated hanging tent fan which is hang at the ceiling of the camping tent. Depending on your preferences, you can choose either type, although you may find the hanging tent fan a better option as it does not reduce your sleeping space.

Battery Operated Desk Fan: For those of you who work in an office environment, nothing beats having a battery operated desk fan. Not only are these desk fans able to keep you cool, they are also able to run silently in the background without disturbing you or your colleagues at work.

A desk fan is also ideal for those of you who work regularly at home. Small enough to be placed on a desk but powerful enough to keep you cool, these quiet desk fan can range from 5” to 10” in size and sometimes even larger. They are also very energy efficient and will not put a dent into your electrical bills.

Battery operated fanBattery Operated Handheld Misting Fan: These portable handheld misting fans are very popular and can be filled with water or even ice to give out a very cooling spraying mist. These handheld misting fans come in many different colors and with triggers to spray out those delightful and cooling mists to keep out the heat. A very handy and fun gadget to have especially if you have young children.

Battery Operated Handheld Fan: Small and portable, a handheld fan can be easily carried around to provide some cooling relief for hot summer months. These handheld fans comes in many colors and in spite of their small stature, they are very popular and can provide quick relief for instances of high and hot temperature. They normally comes together with a strap so that you can hang them around your neck for easy access.

Things To Consider When Buying A Battery Desk Fan

No one likes it when beads of sweat build up and envelop the entire body making one feel sticky all over. There are different inventions man still use up until today to fend off this feeling of discomfort, such as hand fans, electric fans, and even air conditioners. But there is this one fan innovation out there that might actually trump them all, and this is the battery operated fan. A battery desk fan is both efficient and practical, since it is handy enough to be positioned anywhere on the desk and can produce enough wind power to cool you down, while still making sure that the papers on your desk do not get blown away. A battery desk fan creates minimal noise unlike other fans in the market. It is also a space saver especially on the cluttered desk of a busy man. There is a wide variety of battery desk fans in the market, and choosing the right one can be quite difficult. Hopefully, the list below will help narrow down your choices.

One variation of the battery desk fan is the clip fan, wherein it can be used to save on desk space by clipping the fan to a surface near the desk. Desk space is very important to a lot of people and even without the battery desk fan, your desk may already feel cramped and cluttered. A clip desk fan can help minimize the clutter on your desk. Aside from this, clip fans also have other uses. A great advantage of this is it can be clipped anywhere. You can even use this type of a battery operated fan to cool your baby down when out on a hot day running errands by clipping it on your baby’s stroller. And because this can be clipped anywhere, it is the most versatile type of battery desk fan out in the market.

For those concerned with safety, especially those who have children regularly going through your stuff, there is a battery desk fan that have pre-installed foam blades. This type of fan does not compromise the wind power even with foam blades. This is a good choice for those who regularly take care of kids because it is less dangerous than fans that have blades made out of plastic or metal. This feature makes them very versatile as young and old people can use them without you having to worry about their safety.

A usual favorite is the battery operated misting fan, which is both handy and provides an immediate cooling effect. This type of battery desk fan diffuses a very fine spray of water at regular intervals. It can be used for picnics or watching a live football game during a very hot and humid day.

Solar-powered desk fans may have minimal or no batteries attached to them, but this type of desk fan is one of the most energy efficient fans out there. If your desk is situated beside a window where the sun shines for a significant amount of time, then this type of desk fan is for you. How about those office spaces where you have minimal sunlight? It’s all good, since some solar powered fans have built-in lithium ion batteries that charge when there is sunlight available. Talk about battery desk fan innovation.

When buying a battery operated fan, do not just consider the wind power it gives off. Do take into consideration, however, other precautions or minor details that you may need to address in the long run, such as the need for space or if a child will always be present in your workplace.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Battery Operated Ceiling Fan?

A typical ceiling fan is normally powered by electricity from your main power supply. They are normally fixed to a particular location such as your living room or bedrooms to provide relief from heat as well as provide ventilation for the rooms. While a ceiling fan is a very good choice for people who wants a powerful and cheap solution to their heat and ventilation problems, their lack of portability also poses some problems for those of you who require a portable solution.

This is where a battery operated ceiling fan comes in. A battery operated ceiling fan as the name implies is powered by batteries instead of the conventional power supply. They can be carried around and affix to other locations as they do not require power from hard wired sources. This makes them the perfect companion for camping trips whereby limited access to power supplies limit your choices for relief from the heat during the hot summer months.

There are many types of battery operated ceiling fans available on the market. From as big as a conventional ceiling fan to one as small as a normal desk fan, a battery operated ceiling fan is perfectly suited for all types of conditions and usages due to their sizes, portability and power.

For camping trips, it is best to bring along a small size battery operated ceiling fan as compare to one that is bigger. I learnt it the hard way when I have to bring along a 10″ battery operated ceiling fan during one of my trips a few years back. While it is good to think a big one will give you more relief, the hard part is having to carry it along all the way to your camp site. It is no laughing matter, try it someday and you will know what I meant. Nowadays, I will just go for the a smaller one which can just provide as good a relief as a bigger one.

However, there is something you have to take note of. Due to their sizes, some of the bigger models of battery operated fan are quite costly to use for in the long run. One option is to turn to rechargeable batteries to give you more mileage in operating your battery operated ceiling fan.

Why The Battery Operated Clip Fan Is The Perfect Companion For Parents

Battery operated clip fan is a very perfect companion for parents with babies in tow. The clips for these small and portable battery operated fans comes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of baby prams and baby strollers. These battery operated clip fans are used to clip on to the handles or the sides of baby prams and baby strollers to provide some cool relief for your loved ones when you go out with them during the hot summer months. This can be quite a life saver especially when you have babies who cannot and refuse to tolerate all kinds of warm and hot conditions.

Another reason that I love the battery operated clip fan so much is that it can also be used to clip on to baby beds and baby playpens to cool down your small ones at night during the hot summer months or when they are taking a short nap during the day. This is especially useful when you do not want to use a conventional fan which can be too noisy and powerful for your small babies and toddlers.

Battery operated clip fans comes in all shapes and sizes and that applies too to their clips. The bigger ones will look like the conventional battery operated desk fan and are more powerful and able to provide cooler relief for indoor uses. However, the bigger battery operated clip fan can also be used for outdoor purposes such as camping. While they may look small as compare to the bigger battery operated desk fan, don’t be fool by their looks. They are just as good in providing cool relief as their bigger cousins.

The smaller ones are similar in looks to the handheld battery operated mini fans. They are extremely portable and convenient for indoor and outdoor use as well although most people tend to use it when they are outdoors. They come with clips that will allows you to clip on to almost anything, ranging from clothes, haversack s, baby prams , baby strollers, etc.

If you are looking for relief from the hot weather, what is better than having a battery operated clip fan to provide cool relief for you.

Why You Need A Battery Operated Desk Fan For Your Work space?

Battery operated desk fans are ideal for the workplace as they are relatively small and can work silently without disrupting the peace and quiet in a typical workplace. As you probably know, most companies will not allow you to bring in your own fan due to health and safety issues, but having a battery operated desk fan will bypass all objections and allow one to have some cool relief from the heat.

Although a typical battery operated desk fan may look small, it can really provide relief for the scorching summer heat. Of course, there are bigger battery operated desk fans around, but most are small enough not to be the highlight of your workplace or desk.Most battery operated desk fans are extremely energy resourceful and silent, able to run on 2 batteries or more for up to 100 hours of continuous usage. Another plus point as regard to their size is the ability to store them away when you are not going to use them. Most battery operated desk fan are foldable in some way or the other thus minimizing the space you need for storing them.

Although they are so called desk fans, do not be mislead by their name. Battery operated desk fan can be used for other heat relief purposes and not just for your desk only. As they are very lightweight, you can bring these battery operated desk fan out for your camping trips and even for overseas holidays and business trips as well. In fact, I have a friend who regularly bring along a small battery operated desk fan with him whenever he go overseas for business trips. Another friend of mine has one in his car to keep cool during the long traffic jams without having to turn on the car air conditioner.

When buying a battery operated desk fan, please take note that the whole package comes with a mains adapter, otherwise you will either have to purchase the adapter separately or if you are not willing to comes up with the extra money for the adapter, you are going to have to make do with using batteries for life. However, to over the small but increasingly expansive issue of having to buy batteries over and over aging, one way to save money and the earth is to go for green rechargeable batteries.

Why The Battery Operated Mini Fan Is So Popular?

A battery operated mini fan is a small and extremely portable handheld battery operated fan that will help you to keep cool on days that are extremely hot and humid. These small little devices may be nothing much to look at but their ability to generate cool air for heat relief makes it one of the best invention ever.

For those of you who move around a lot, having a battery operated mini fan can be a great life saver. Not only are these battery operated mini fans a great way to keep cool, these handheld mini fans can be a good fashion accessory as well. Battery operated mini fans can come in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

Some will come with additional features such as speed control and even misting feature in which a layer of water mist is spray or blow onto you for a more cooling effect. This is ready an ingenious way to add extra function ability to an aging but still popular product.

Till today, the reason why battery operated mini fans are still as popular as ever is not only are they inexpensive and readily available, they are also inexpensive to run. This is especially true if you use rechargeable batteries instead of non rechargeable ones.

Another reason for their popularity with families with children is because their fan blades are made of flexible materials that will not endanger or harm a child. However, you have to take note that there are small parts which may pose a choking hazard to your child if he or she is left unattended with the battery operated mini fan. Therefore, it is very important to always supervise your child when using a battery operated mini fan regardless of whatever materials they are made from.

A battery operated mini fan with the mist feature will cost more than a conventional battery operated mini fan. It is because they will have a more powerful motor to power the fan as well as pump and spray out water mist. A battery operated misting fan will have a reservoir to hold water and even ice to give you a more cooling effect. This is the best option if you are not on a tight budget as the added feature of spraying mist can be so much better at providing cool relief from the smothering heat.

Personally for me, if price is not a problem, always go for the battery operated mini fan with the misting feature as it is a much better heat reliever as compare to the conventional one without the misting feature. I have listed below some of the more popular models of battery operated mini fan:

1. Handy Cooler

2. Mini Portable LED Techno Fan, Yellow

3. Mini Aqua Mist Travel Fan

Different Types Of Hand Held Fans

Hand held fans have long been an instrument to make people more comfortable as it helps fight off the humidity especially during the hot days of summer. It is handy and portable which makes it perfect for fast relief from the heat. Back in the day , the hand held fan once became an important accessory particularly for the ladies.

Major classifications

The hand held battery operated fan is known for its functionality and portability but not many know that there are many types of fans that have been made all throughout the course of history. Categorically, hand held fan types can be classified into two. The first is the flat fan. Typically, hand held fans that are fashioned cannot be folded into a compact size as they are made from materials that are not meant to be flexible or bent like card board or straw.

The folding fan on the other hand is probably the most common type of hand held fans that are still very popular today. These fans are usually made from soft materials like fabric or paper and are pleated to allow folding into a much more compact size. Many people prefer these types of fan as they can easily be carried and stored in bags and purses.

Different types of fans according to materials

One of the most distinguishing factors of classifying hand held fans are the materials used for making them. Fans from different countries as well as different eras are made from many different materials. Some of the most commonly used are:

Paper: The first hand held fans were created out of paper as these are materials that are easy to mold and shape. Because the material is very thin and flexible, paper hand held fans are usually stretched tightly over bamboo frames to add support to the body.

Cloth: This is the most common material that is used in making hand held fans nowadays. Aside from the fact that it is easy to shape and mold, it is also sturdy as it does not easily rip and can endure the wear and tear of frequent use.

Feather: Back in the days, hand held fans that were made with feathers were only used by the rich and wealthy. This is a material that was once very expensive because typically, feathered hand held fans use the feathers from exotic birds like peacocks and ostriches. But nowadays, those who create fans out of this material uses faux feather to make it less costly and animal friendly as well.

Sandalwood: The sandalwood hand held fan is also a very popular type of fan. This type of fan has very intricate designs that are crafted on the wood itself. in addition to this, sandalwood gives off a nice aroma that one may smell while fanning.

Fans from different countries:

In some countries, particularly in Asia, the hand held fan is identified as part of their culture. The Japanese fan for instance, is made from paper materials that are usually hand painted to depict the beauty of their landscapes. They were also used as essentials in the field of performing arts and were once regarded as a handy weapon for the best of their warriors.

The Japanese fans have been the inspiration for the Chinese hand held fans. However, instead of paper, they used silk fabric which gives a very delicate feel for their fans. They were likewise hand painted with flowers and proverbs and were also used as part of festivities.

The influence of hand held fans transcended from Asia all the way across Europe. Folded hand held fans became popular among the women of high stature. Commonly, European hand held fans are made from posh fabrics and have intricate designs.

Modern fan: Nowadays, a more modern battery operated fan has been gaining popularity; these are battery operated hand held fans. The design is very different from the conventional fan types. It looks more like a regular electric fan except it is smaller and is operated with the use of batteries.

Battery Powered Fans

Battery powered fans are very extremely useful in providing much need relief in the form of cool air circulation during days of extreme high temperature. During summer, a lot of people swear by those small and portable battery powered fans. I can understand that as the summer heat can be unrelenting at times. Whether you are having camping, outdoor activities, picnics, sports activities or even in the comfort of your own home, nothing beats having a battery powered fan to cool you down during the hot summer days. Best of all, a cooling fan can be use in conjunction with an air conditioner to provide better relief from the summer heat.

Besides providing cool air relief from scorching temperatures, there are many benefits to using a battery operated fan. Firstly, as most battery powered fans are small in stature, they are portable in nature and thus can be easily move around. This is good as you can use them in many different places without constraint as they do not have wires going all over the place. Secondly, they are much cheaper compare to conventional fans such as ceiling fans and standing fans, etc. Also, most modern battery powered fans have a lot of safety features and are very easy to use even for the technology challenged person. Another good benefit to using them is that they are very good in generating good airflow which can help in removing dampness and bad odors in a room.

Last but not least, battery powered fans such as those that are powered by solar energy is a very good way to help you cut down on your electrical bills. Although they are more expensive than conventional fans, they are worth the initial costs. Solar energy is free and imagine paying one time for setting them up and you get to enjoy savings on your electrical bills down the years. Isn’t that wonderful? You can easily get an certified electrician to set up the solar powered fans for you for an inexpensive fee.
There are many different types of battery powered fans available on the market. The common ones are those battery powered desk fan, battery powered camping fan, battery powered ceiling fan and battery powered misting fan. There also more fanciful ones that comes with rotating or blinking lights more for carnival or party uses. You can easily get hold of a battery powered fan by going to your local departmental stores or buying them online. There are many websites that are selling these portable battery powered fans.

As you can see, battery powered fans are a good way to help you cool down during the hot summer days. Due to their versatility, they can also be used for many different occasions as well as events. They are also good if you have been thinking of cutting down on your electrical bills. The savings you get from installing solar battery powered fans will enable you to put your money into better uses.

Portable Battery Fans

Tips On Buying Portable Battery Fans

Portable battery fans come in a wide array of sizes; from handheld battery fans to necklace fans and desk battery operated fans, there are certainly a lot of options to choose from. Portable battery operated fans can be very useful and can keep you cool even in the hottest of days, regardless of where you are. Buying a battery powered fan may seem simple, but there are different considerations that you must take into account before buying the first battery fan you find.

Brand: Choosing the right brand is an important factor when buying a portable fan. If you want the battery operated fan to last you for a long time, you have to ensure that you get the right kind of brand. With the number of brands of portable battery operated fans available in the market, it can be rather hard to choose. However, with a little research, choosing the right brand can be a whole lot easier. You can search online for different brands and check product reviews and customer testimonials to see which one is the best option. Look for a product review that lists down both pros and cons so that you can choose properly.

Space: While space is not a major issue with portable battery operated fans, there are some varieties that would require you to consider space. Desk portable battery fans have to have a space allocated for them. The size of your fan should depend on the area you want the fan to cover. Desk battery operated fans are perfect for use in small rooms.

Safety: While portable battery operated fan come equipped with the same features as regular fans, it is still important to consider safety when choosing one. Since they are portable, it is easier for children to grab them and play with them. If you are buying a handheld battery operated fan or even a small necklace fan, you still have to make sure that the grills are small enough to keep little fingers away. Children are naturally curious and they tend to get themselves in trouble most of the time so it is better to be safe than to regret it later on. It would also be helpful to choose a model that comes with screws to access the batteries to avoid battery accidents with kids.

Consider the fans motor functions: If you want your portable battery operated fan to last you for a long time, make sure to check its motor. Check for speed and quality to ensure that you get the best performance. You also have to make sure that the motor works quietly, as noisy battery operated fan can be quite a nuisance. Since you have to clean and maintain the fan from time to time to keep it working at its best condition, make sure that it is easy to disassemble and assemble so that you can clean it properly. You also have to make sure to add grease to the motor from time to time to keep it quiet and working properly.

Portable battery fans are very useful to have around the house. Since they are lightweight and are battery operated, you don’t have to deal with wires cluttering your floor. You can also easily transport the fan from one place to another. Handheld fans are also convenient to own. Instead of spending too much energy fanning yourself when it’s hot outside, you can just hold your fan, turn it on and let it cool you during hot days. Portable battery fans are a great invention. Since they are relatively inexpensive, it can be very convenient to have several of them around your house. They can also keep you cool and comfortable even during blackouts.

Portable Exhaust Fan

A portable exhaust fan is most probably something you may not have heard of it before. As the name implies, it is no different from a conventional exhaust fan just that it is portable and not fixed to a certain location and can be move around easily. The portable exhaust fan can be used to provide ventilation and removal of bad odors from indoor areas such as your bathroom or especially the kitchen if you cook a lot and do not want the smell of cooking to linger around too long. This is especially true for those of you who stay in compact apartments whereby the cooking area and living area are tightly encased together.

The portable exhaust fan can also be used to maintain a constant level of temperature in your home. This makes your home more pleasant and if you have kids at home, it is even better suited for you. The exhaust fan will help to control the dampness level of your home as well as reduce the overall level of indoor airborne pollutant. All these will helps to keep your home a healthier and safer place for your young children to live in.

Portable exhaust fans are design in such a way that they are very safe to use. They are also highly effective in removing most forms of airborne materials such as gases or vapors from a particular area easily and fast, especially in enclosed areas. Also, due to the portability and lightweight nature of the portable exhaust fan, they can be easily move around from location to location quickly. They are also easy to set up and practically do not need any type of installation at all.

The benefits of using a portable exhaust fan can best be summarize by the few points below:
• Create a healthy environment by removing air contaminants, smoke from cooking , pollutants, stale odors and vapors
• Help to decrease the overall heat and humidity levels
• Help to improve overall air quality in enclosed areas
• Portable and can be easily move around to suit your needs

The portable exhaust fan is available in many different shapes and sizes. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes as well energy efficient and environmental friendly. Some has in build vibration insulators which helps to prevent them from making too much noise when in operation. Most are available with direct drive motors although some of the models come with belt driven ones instead. The more premium exhaust fans will come with acoustic insulators which cut down greatly on the noise that they produce.

Before deciding on which model of portable exhaust fan to buy , it is always good to come up with a budget. From there, you can filter off those models that are off your budget. Another point to consider is the size of the exhaust fan, the bigger the area you want to ventilate the bigger the fan you should get. One word of advice is to go for the model that best suits your needs and budget. No point going for extra features that you may not use. Also, go for a reputable brand instead of an unknown brand as quality may be compromised. Always do proper research first before forking out the cash.

As you can see, the portable exhaust fan is a very useful device in getting rid of unwanted air pollutants, gases and vapors from your home and make your home a much better environment for you to stay in. If you have young children at home, a portable exhaust fan is definitely a must buy item on your next shopping list.

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