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Danby DAR195BL

Danby DAR195BL Dorm Refrigerator

How spacey Danby DAR195BL dorm fridge is from the inside?

Danby DAR195BLTo tell you honestly, this fridge is very spacey from the inside (considering its actual size). One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it doesn’t contain a built-in freezer.

The main area consists of two shelves which are pretty deep if you ask me. Let me just illustrate how deep: you can really put two cartons of eggs next to each other. You can pretty much put a pizza box inside of it too. Keep in mind that the bottom of the main area is taken up by the unit compressor, but this shouldn’t affect you at all (just be careful not to clog it).

Now, we come to the unit door. Actually, if you look at the Danby DAR195BL pictures, you’ll notice that there are 2 parts which are attached to the door. The first part is what I call the “can rack”, and the second part is what I call the “bottle rack”. Up to six cans can be put in the can rack without any problems. The good thing about the rack is the fact that you really don’t have to put cans exclusively. You could also put some smaller stuff in there too (like yogurts). The bottle rack, which is the one farthest from the inside of the fridge, can hold up to 2 juice boxes, or 1 huge 10 liter bottle.

The Freezer:

Well, Danby DAR195BL doesn’t have a built-in freezer. This means that if you were searching for a compact refrigerator with a freezer, you might wanna click away. However, a lot of people think that they just HAVE TO have a freezer inside of their mini fridge. To tell you honestly, you’d be better off buying a standard refrigerator if freezer is a necessity.

Let’s take it from the other aspect. There are positive sides in not having a freezer in your mini fridge. The first thing that you’ll notice about this Danby dorm fridge is the fact that it’s very quiet. It wouldn’t be quiet if it had a freezer. The second thing you’ll also notice is that it looks a lot smaller from the outside then it really is.

Energy consumption & noise:

How economical or loud this mini fridge really is?

After some research, I’ve found out that the average energy consumption of this Danby unit will amount to a $32 per year bill. As you can see, this Danby icebox model is very, very economical.

Also, you will like this too: after thorough research, I’ve concluded that this model is probably in the top five when it comes to noise. Most consumers on Amazon report that Danby DAR195BL is as quiet as it possibly can be. I’ve sorted through all the reviews and found consistency about this point, which is a good sign that Danby really is quiet (I base most of my reviews on the percentage of varying opinions, so it’s very important for me to give you solid evidence, not just biased opinions).

Opening the door also won’t produce much noise either.

Cooling & Things to be careful about:

The most important thing about any mini fridge is cooling, right ? Danby also excels in this department. Most consumers are very satisfied with its performance so far. Some even report that this compact fridge can keep the inside temperature up to 40 degrees well below the actual temperature of the surroundings.

This has made me write another tip for you: after you unpack it, you should really adjust the performance (there is a minor inconvenience when you try to adjust the settings of the unit because the knob is at the back of the fridge so you’ll have to pull it out) right away. The fact of the matter is, that if you don’t do it, it will cool things a bit over the top sometimes.

What I really love about the Danby DAR195BL is that, if you keep the settings at max – your frozen food will stay frozen. You’ll never get the food frozen alone, but this fridge will keep the already frozen food – FROZEN!

Things to be careful about!

Well, after some research, I have to warn you about 3 things which might spoil your experience with this dorm fridge. However, if you keep them in mind, and act accordingly, you’ll enjoy your Danby mini fridge for a long time!

1. First and foremost, never block the vents which are located at the very back. If, by any chance you manage to block them, don’t panic. The unit will shut off, but don’t worry; it’s not broken. It turned off because the wall has been iced up and it has to thaw. Unplug it and wait for the ice to thaw. Then, after you plug the switch back on, it will work as usual.

2. The biggest problem that I have with this fridge is not the fridge itself (it works brilliantly!), but the fact that its packaging is very poor. You will oftentimes get a unit which is covered with small dents here and there. This will ultimately force you to send it back or buy a dent remover. I don’t take this as a huge con, but there is definitely some inconvenience involved in this. Sometimes, when you order these kinds of products online, they will get damaged while in shipment, and it’s just a matter of luck if you get an undamaged unit. However, this has happened only to a few of the consumers, so it definitely isn’t a rule.

3. Don’t get frightened if the fridge doesn’t work with a full capacity the first day. It will take around 24 hours for it to reach the full potential.

Final Verdict.

A great choice if you want a compact fridge without a freezer.

If you’re looking for a small, compact fridge which cools things very well, and which keeps the frozen things frozen (if set to max), the Danby DAR195BL model is definitely the one you should buy. It’s also very quiet, and it has enough space for anything (within reason, of course)

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a fridge with a freezer, you should look somewhere else, because Danby doesn’t have one.

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