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Finding the best Portable WiFi Router

If you are looking for the best portable wifi router, then this article will is for you. Here you will get the important factors to look for before buying a portable wifi router:

Cost: Obviously, if you’re trying to outfit an office, you’re going to have a bigger budget for buying routers, but if you’re just shopping for a simple, at home wireless router for basic uses such as browsing, email, gaming, etc, then cost is going to be a concern. Luckily, some of the best wireless routers for home use are available in the bargain price range.

Capability: A low price only means a good bargain if what you’re buying is worth every cent, and more. Some folks might just buy the most expensive portable wifi router they can afford and hope it’s the best, we recommend reading up on some wireless router reviews and seeing which ones come highly recommended, and which ones disappoint.

Use: Are you shopping for a basic, at-home router, something just to keep your PC online? Or are you starting a business and hoping to run a few credit card swipes, cash registers and computers hooked up to a single router? You’ll have to spend an extra buck or two to get a more one of the best portable wifi router in terms of high performance, but if that’s what you need, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

 portable wifi route

Affordable and cheap Portable WiFi Router

You can find a cheap portable wifi router with a quick Google search or a trip to the local electronics shop, so if you think switching to wireless internet is expensive, it’s not. However, when buying a cheap wireless router, you might get what you paid for and more or you might just get… exactly what you paid for… a cheap wireless router. So we’re hoping to point you towards some companies that create good, reliable, secure, easy to use wireless routers, without charging and arm and a leg for the blasted thing.

Netgear Wireless Routers

 portable wifi route

Netgear has a reputation as being a pretty sturdy, dependable brand. They offer everything from pricier high end units for the office and large homes, to smaller, cheaper pieces for homes and small offices. The brand prides itself on offering some of the most secure products in the cheap wireless router market, and it’s true, as long as you set your WEP settings correctly, you won’t fear the hacker.

Linksys Wireless Routers

Linksys has a lot more products out there for the home market when it comes to cheap portable wifi routers. They began as a company serving primarily small offices, but since have hit upon the home market as one of their primary demographics. Everything you’ll get from Linksys is fast, durable and cheap. The focus here is basically just a good, capable portable wifi router, one that can connect  few PCs and devices with no noticeable slowdown, and that’s exactly what Linksys tends to deliver.

Some cheap portable wifi router brands:

So, are cheap portable wifi routers really cheap, or just cheaply made? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss. Everyone and their grandmothers are looking for cheap wireless routers these days, and wherever a market booms, fly by nights, bootlegs, and all around ne’er do wells will flourish.

So with that in mind, here’s your cheap portable wifi router shopping guide to make sure you don’t get burned.

Best portable wifi router manufacturing brands to look for:

Netgear: One of the current leaders in the router market. They sell products all over the world, and have been doing so for more than a decade. Even their cheapest, most outdated products are still pretty capable. If you go with netgear for your cheap portable wifi router, you should have nothing to worry about.

Linksys: One of Netgear’s primary competitors. They don’t make crummy routers because if they did, Netgear would seize the market overnight once the wireless router reviews got out and everyone found that Linksys has been slumming it. Linksys, likewise, has been around for over a decade.

Belkin: Belkin wireless routers got their start in the business world some years ago, and all that technology they developed for multi-billion dollar companies has been downsized and concentrated into their home wireless router products. Another reliable brand, give them a try.

All three of the above listed companies offer affordable, reliable products that you can depend on. They’re not the only good portable wifi router manufacturing companies out there, just three of the best.

Networking – WL-330N3G – ASUS

The ASUS WL-330N3G offers full wireless router usage with multi-role … Ultra- portability with Footprint Smaller Than a Credit Card; Industry-leading 6-in-1 Multi -role … access point, wireless router, repeater, Hotspot (Wi-Fi account sharing), 3G …

Wireless router – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The WRT54G wireless router supporting only 802.11b and 802.11g. … The Wi-Fi clone button simplifies Wi-Fi configuration and builds a seamless unified home …

Netgear R6300 is a Wireless Router with 802.11AC support as well as 2.4 GHz and 5GHz network. It has a 4X Gigabit Local Area Network ports with 5GHz 802.11n speed. The USB ports of Netgear r6300 supports media sharing of DNLA, printer and NAS with FAT as well as NTFS supports. So, the Netgear R6300 is a very sleek and enhanced wireless router with amazing signal range and awesome velocity. This Netgear router is a best device for having an amazingly fast and substantial Wi-Fi connection for your home or business use. Netgear r6300 range is very enhanced and customizable.

I bought a Netgear router r6300 a few weeks ago for my office use and I really loved it. I used several Routers before, but this one in particular is really impressive. I also used it in my house, which is approximately 4000 square feet with a huge garden and it worked greatly. The signals were very powerful, and I was also able to get the signal while I was walking on the streets.

The only drawback about this router is that it is huge in size, about 9.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches high, but it comes with a nice stand. So, the only issue is related with the size and design of this device and everything else is perfect. It has perfectly positioned ports and power buttons with the WPS and Wi-Fi toggle buttons!

The installation process of Netgear r6300 wireless router is very easy and quick. It has a professional web-based interface, which picks up wide area network configuration from your locality. You can easily and quickly configure this router as a wireless access point.

Netgear R6300

NETGEAR AC1600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R6250)

Following steps will help you to configure the Netgear r6300 ac wireless dual band gigabit router as a WAP:

1) Configure and Power Up the Netgear R6300.

2) Insert the Cable from your network in the yellow port of the Netgear Router. Connect the Netgear router wirelessly with your PC.

3) Once the Netgear router is reset, which you can easily do by pressing a bent paper clip, you can connect it wirelessly with your SSID and password of the Netgear R 6300 router. You can also turn off the login details in order to connect it without any authentication!

4) Type […] in your web browser in order to access the configurations of Netgear R 6300 Router.

5) It is not necessary to download the Netgear Genie software on your system; it’s just a bloatware, so no need to download it! After resetting the router, it configures itself and connects you to the internet.

6) If the authentication details are asked, then login with “admin” for username and “password” for a password!

7) You have to make sure to update the firmware by following the step by step instruction applied in the NetGear router application. The “Update Firmware” message will appear on the screen, and you will just have to follow the instruction in order to upgrade it.

8) After the upgrade, click on the “wireless” link in the application and the further information will be available after some processing time!

9) Now, this particular step is configured based on the network type! So, if the network is 2.4 GHz, then customize the channel to 1 for the 1st Netgear router, and channel 11 for the second one. You can also make it channel 6 for the 3rd router. It’s your choice to keep the security option on or off. So, if you are in a safe place, then you can turn the security off.

If the network is 5.7 GHz, then customize the channel to 153 for the very first Netgear router, 161 for the 2nd router, and 157 for the third one. You can set the security on or off.

10) After setting up the network, press Apply and you are done! If you took too much time to customize the network page, then it will ask your login credential, and you will repeat the process again! So, make sure that you customize the network setting in a reasonable amount of time.

11) After completing the steps properly, you will be able to change the password, or any other information related to your account!

12) Now, go to the LAN Setup of the application, and deselect the option “Use Router as DHCP Server”. Apply the setting and hit OK! You might get some message after applying the settings, don’t worry about that and hit OK. This will restart the Netgear R 6300.

13) Once the Netgear starts, unplug the attached cable from the yellow jack, and insert the cable in some other jack on backside of the router.

14) Go to Netgear application, click advanced and go to the LAN setup. On the LAN setup page, set the IP Address of the router and make sure that it is an unused IP address on your network. Make sure that the IP address doesn’t collide with any other IP addresses which are already in use on the network! After making changes hit “Apply”, and the Netgear R 6300 will restart.

15) Once the Netgear starts, it will show the “NetGear” letters of the front side of the R 6300 Router! And now it is a wireless access point.

The setting up of NetGear R 6300 is very simple and you can set it up within 12 – 15 minutes. The Netgear R 6300 is available in a very reasonable price and the performance is outstanding. You can buy the Netgear r6300 on Amazon and have it delivered at your doorstep for free.

It’s a good thing if your laptop is working at super speed. You can afford to multi-task and get things done quickly and efficiently. But it is not everyone, who has happy things to say about their laptop. Some laptops are so slow that you can practically fall asleep just getting it to boot. Are you having problems with your laptop? Is your laptop so slow that you can hardly get anything done? You can speed up your snail-crawling laptop in no time at all. Here are 8 reliable things that you can do right now.

1)     Remove unnecessary software or programs: Your laptop has pre installed software and most of them are useless for you! It will be very good for your laptop’s performance to get rid of useless software programs from your system. Manufacturers advertise and pre install the trial versions of several software programmes in the brand new system, these programmes are also known as ‘bloatware’. The trial version software programmes or ‘bloatwares’ are not very useful! If you uninstall the unnecessary trial programs from your laptop, then it get rid of some memory occupying place from your system, and it will be very beneficial for your laptop’s speed and performance. So, make sure to get rid of unwanted programs from your laptop.

2)     Remove Browser Cookies: If you have Internet access on your laptop, there is a high chance that your cookies are bugged. Every web page stores cookies on your laptop. And this is why you do not have to type a URL before the web address appears in your browser. You just type in the 1st 2-3 letters and the whole site pops out.

Web cookies are cool and save you time. But you should get rid of them because they pose a danger to your laptop’s speed. If you want to remove these cookies, click on ‘tools’ menu in Mozilla Firefox, scroll downwards to the drop down list and click ‘clear recent history’, inside the dialogue box that appears, you will see a section where you can get rid of cookies.

3)     Drain the Bin: Think about it for a minute, when last did you empty your recycle bin? A recycle bin is a temporary storage bin and not a permanent one. So, all those files documents and folders that you have there need to be deleted forever from your hard drive. You can do a double check on all your files or documents in the bin, to be sure that you do not require anything before hitting the button.

If you empty your bin, the speed and performance of your laptop will definitely improve. Try it right now, it is simple and effective.

4)     Avoid an Overcrowded Desktop: Do you save everything on your desktop? This is the fastest way to reduce your laptop to a snail’s speed. If you have separated or partitioned your disk, you should have the local D drive and C drive. Use the local D drive to save all your files and documents.

Do not save on a desktop because it goes to local C drive and slows down your laptop’s speed. A well apportioned and organized system enhances the pace and performance of a laptop.

5)     Make use of important system tools: Important system tools like “Disk Defragmentation” are very important for proper organization of your system’s hard drive. Disk Defragmentation will help in proper optimization and organization of all the files and folders in your drives! It will keep the system drive tidy and will improve the performance of your laptop. You can access the Disk Defragmentation system tool from the control panel or the programmes menu. Go to start many and type ‘Defrag’ in the search box, you will get the option of “Defragment your hard drive”, click on it and follow the easy instructions in order to ‘defrag‘ your system’s hard drive.

Disk Defragmentation

6)      Trim Down your Screen Resolution: If you have set a very brighter and high screen resolution for your laptop’s screen, then it will be very useful for your laptop’s performance as well as battery lifetime if you trim the resolution down a little bit. The laptop screen looks perfect on a 16-bit colours setting. The higher resolution setting takes more battery power as well as the precious system memory. So, it will be a good idea to keep the resolution medium or low for optimal performance of your laptop.

7)     Killing the unnecessary processes softly: There are several programmes in your system that starts processing as soon as you start your system. Most of the processes have nothing to do with the system functionality. So, it will be a very good idea to get rid of the unnecessary processes that are functioning for no reason.  In order to end the unnecessary processes go to taskbar, then right click and select task manager! In the task manager select the processes tab and start ending the unwanted processes that are of no use to your “going on” work. Just right click on the processes that you want to end.

Task Manager

If you don’t want to end the processes every time you start the laptop, then go to start menu and type ‘MSCONFIG’. Click the ‘MSCONFIG’ option and it will open the “System Configuration” window. In the system configuration select the ‘startup’ tab and uncheck all the unnecessary programmes that you don’t want to start processing automatically in the system startup!

8)     Use a better browser: If you notice that your default browser is not quick and fast, then start using a better browser likes Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Most of you must be using Firefox or Google Chrome. But those who are not using the better browser, then it’s about time to use web browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome, because they are very quick and they do not slow down your system!

The above mentioned tips are very easy and quick way to increase the speed and performance of your laptop, and I hope it will help you to tweak your laptop for better performance.  You can also increase the speed of your laptop by installing the extra RAM, but that’s a hardware related technique which will cost some money and a proper hardware installation process.

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