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How To Choose A Riding Lawn Mower

If you have a larger garden and you would prefer to spend your weekends relaxing and enjoying your outdoor space instead of the interminable grind of pushing your mower up and down for hours on end, then consider purchasing a riding lawn mower or lawn tractor. With such choice out there, the features and accessories to decide upon may seem intimidating but ask yourself these few simple questions and you will narrow down your options to the right type of mower for the job within minutes. You’ll be sipping your iced tea on your sun lounger, admiring with satisfaction your beautifully manicured lawn before you know it.

How large is your lawn?

Over half an acre and you could go for a riding mower with a cutting width of around 25-32 inches. A large lawn tractor with its more powerful engine and wider cutting width of between 32-50 inches is more suitable for areas of one acre or more. However, there are other considerations to take into account such as whether you have any gates to get through or whether you require a high level of maneuverability.

Do you have lots of landscaping or obstacles on your lawn?

A zero turn mower turns where it stands, giving much greater maneuverability, although the steering might take a bit more getting used to. If your lawn slopes as well, an all terrain mower is better designed to cope with this and also with rougher ground.

What do you want to do with the grass clippings?

Lawn Mower
Riding Lawn Mower

Mulching your clippings is environmentally friendly. The blades chop the clippings until they are very small, eventually spraying them back onto the lawn. This avoids the need for disposal of the clippings and also acts as a compost for the lawn, removing the need for fertilizer. An alternative option is a rear collection feature for a more formal finish.

What kind of transmission do you prefer?

Most common is the manual transmission but there is also a hydro-static transmission, which is more expensive but easier to use and can give you greater torque. Less common and most expensive is electric transmission.

What accessories are right for you?

Consider this carefully as accessories can bump up the price alarmingly. These accessories can add massively usable functionality to your ride-on mower but remember you have to buy and store them when not in use. Options include:

  • Tow-behind aerators
  • Trailers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Rollers
  • Scarifiers
  • Spreaders
  • Waterers
What is your budget?

You can pay no more than around $1000 for the most basic models or more than $6,000 for top brand top of the range lawn tractors. In some cases, depending on brand and features, you could even pay up to $15,000. Consider your needs balanced with affordability before you splash the cash. A large number of riding mowers and lawn tractors come in at around the $3,000 to $4,500 mark, which seems more reasonable for the average Joe.

Other considerations

Other points you might want to think about could include where you are going to store the machinery and fueling the mower. Finally, on the subject of emissions, if you want to be environmentally friendly, go for a mower with low emissions. In fact, if you live in a place like California, only certain mowers can be used in order to comply with strict laws on levels of emissions.

Looking for the Best Gas Powered Lawn Edger for Lawns?

I have been looking at these for some time. One of the worst jobs when you have flower beds in your lawn is edging. And the plastic edging can be so ugly. As a child, I remember my parents edging the lawn with a pair of scissors. Talk about crazy. Now there are affordable gadgets to do that for you and keep things looking neat and tidy, maybe this year I’ll get one. This was what I found when I started looking at them seriously, enjoy.

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Electric or gas powered lawn edger is great for people who need a tool that doesn’t require as much physical effort to operate. They are also great for larger jobs where a step-edger would be impractical and time-consuming.

Regular edging is important as it can stop damage to concrete foot paths and can prevent grass from overrunning your garden beds and strangling your plants.

Depending on your needs, I am pretty sure one of these highly rated lawn edgers is going to be perfect for you. Each of these machines has at least a 4 star rating on Amazon and comes highly recommended from customers.

Black and Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger

BLACK+DECKER LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and EdgerCorded trimmer/edger combinations are a bit more flexible than just pure edgers but the edging becomes a bit more difficult. Because you have to carefully hold the trimmer to the edge of the grass and maintain the angle by eye there is much more room for error. However, if you want to purchase one device that can do both edging and trimming jobs this option is a much better value option.

This particular model of trimmer/edger is powered by a rechargeable 20-volt lithium-ion battery which makes it great option for people who can’t get around their entire property with a corded option. It will not last as long or have as much power as a gas-powered trimmer but for a quiet clean option the LST420 is a great option.

A battery charge runs for about 15 minutes of work before the power starts to weaken. This model also features automatic line extension that feeds out additional line as it’s needed.

Black & Decker’s LST420 already has an impressive rating on Amazon. Reviewers noted that despite the short battery life this trimmer and edger is lightweight, easy to use, easy to start and a great option for smaller residential areas where the user cannot easily get around with a corded option.

Husqvarna 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer

Gas powered edgerAnother great yard trimmer is the Husqvarna 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer | 128DJ which makes the list, but this time it is a straight-shaft type gas powered lawn edger. This is the first model that really gives the power, run time and freedom to do larger residential and rural properties.

The smart start Husqvarna engine has been designed to make the machine start without too much effort, making it a good choice for almost any adult to use. It does this by removing air from the carburetors to reduce the pressure.

The garden edging and even pruners and hedge trimming attachments are bought in addition to this powerful weed whacker base with multi-attachment compatible shaft. It does come with a blade kit for heavy duty work.

The 128DJ features straight-shaft design that is long enough to make it ergonomic to use and it is also quite light for a gas engine model, at less than 20 pounds. It also has a ‘smart start’ switch that resets back to the ‘ON’ position after you turn the machine off, making it easier to start next time.

The Husqvarna 128J has received nearly 100 reviews and giving it an impressive 4.5 stars. One customer stated that it was “fast and easy to operate” and that they “wish they had bought one a long time ago.”

McLane 801 Gas-Powered Lawn Edger with Ball Bearing Wheels by Mclane

gas powered lawn edgerThe final Gas Powered Lawn Edger to make the list is the McLane 801 a fully wheeled lawn edger. The benefit of this style of lawn edger shows when doing larger jobs. As it is fully supported by wheels there is much less strain on the user. The machine is also powered by a 3.5 HP gas engine so it has the power and run time required for larger jobs. For these reasons this edger is a perfect choice for large residential areas or even commercial tasks.

The 801 features a 9-inch edging blade and it runs on 8-inch ball-bearing wheels. The blade is controlled by a single level clutch and a depth control lever. There is also an additional curb wheel that can be purchased separately to make edging along the curb much easier.

The McLane 801 has received nearly 50 reviews on Amazon with an overall score of 4/5 stars. The highest rated reviews praise it’s ease of assembly, easy to start engine that runs well, and it’s beautiful edging with little effort. If you are looking for a unit for larger jobs and don’t like the prospect of carrying a shaft-style unit over long distance then this edger is an excellent choice.

Tips For Lawn Edging:

– For Gas Powered Lawn Edger engines it’s a good idea to always run at full throttle while edging and to reduce the throttle while not edging. This is especially important on 2-stroke engines as it will prevent the valves from clogging up.

– When determining which style of lawn edger is best for you. Battery or corded options are quieter and less maintenance making them better for smaller residential properties while gas-powered devices have the power and run time for larger properties or commercial jobs.

– Always remember to refer to the manufacturers manual for specific things to be aware of on your device.

– To do curb sides using the guide makes the job neater and easier while edging garden beds or garden features it is better to free hand with the guard up on machines that can do so.

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