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Newest Android Tablets

The Newest Android Tablets on the Market

The Android tablet is an awesome piece of gadgetry to have at your beck and call. It floors the ipad hands down. You cannot multitask with your ipad because of its poor battery life. On the other hand, Android tablets can last a long time because they come with dual processors. Furthermore, these batteries are replaceable. You can get a new battery if you are under warranty without having to send in your tablet.

This is not the case with the ipad, when your battery dies it cannot be removed, so you have to send in your old ipad for a new one. And if you have not synced it, your apps and personal information go with it, never to return. There is no competition between the ipad and the Android tablet.

The Newest Android Tablets

If you are interested in buying a cool Android tablet, then meet the best and newest Android tablets on the block:

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is the 1st Nexus branded newest android tablet from the stables of Google. This newest piece of hardware is created by Asus and consists of a 7 inch display coupled with a 1280×800 resolution screen. In addition, it works with an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and comes with 16GB-32GB worth of storage. It has a 1.2 megapixel camera located in the front.

The tablet also has add-on features like Bluetooth, WI-FI, NFC and optional cellular. It is very affordable and has battery life that can last over 10 hours. It was the first device to run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has also being raised to Android 4.2 with a slew of cutting edge features. The Nexus 7 gives you a big bang for your buck and is a solid performer all-round.

Google Nexus 10

Google Nexus 10

This is the advanced version of the Nexus 7. It comes with a 10 inch screen and a 2560 x 1600 resolution. It has been reinforced with a quad core Mail T604 graphics processor and dual core ARM Cortex A15 processor.

It is made by Samsung and comes with 2 cameras. The frontwards camera comes with a 1.9 megapixel while the camera located in the rear is a 5 megapixel. The battery life can go 11 hours at a stretch. The Nexus 10 is more potent than the Nexus 7. So it is understandable why it is more high-priced. The Google Nexus 10 gives the ipad 4 some serious competition.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s prized baby. It is pure class and comes with a 10.1 inch screen and a 1280x 800 resolution display and a 1.4 GHz Exynos quad core processor. It has a 1.9 megapixel camera located in the front and a 5 megapixel camera situated at the back.  The battery pack can last an astonishing 100 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with the S Pen which is a stylus configured to work with a host of applications. The manufacturing quality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has come into question. However, it is a handy tablet to have around if your job entails writing and lots of sketching.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is loaded with a 1920×1200 resolution, Advanced True Wide (ATW) polarizing filter and a 10 multi-touch point support. The storage option is 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The 64 GB is only available if you purchase the 4G LTE version. The Kindle Fire HD is power-driven by the most recent dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4 4470 processor with an integral Imagination SGX544 graphics engine capable of  delivering a whooping 12 billion floating point processes per second.

It comes with a double antenna for great responsiveness, dual band 2.4GHz, 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Multiple In and Multiple Out which offers a longer range and superior bandwidth. This newest Android tablet has ample space to take all your best movies, music and eBooks!

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