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Pedal Cars For Kids

Get The Best Pedal Cars For Kids

Are you looking for pedal cars for kids? These great toys give children a much needed freedom and keeps them away from computer games and television sets! If you want to get you child a great toy that will keep them active, allow their imaginations to develop AND will get them outside then you wont go wrong with a pedal car.

There are many different styles and designs available from go kart pedal cars to vintage style pedal cars to construction and tractor designs. Whether you have a little boy or a little girl, there is a pedal car available that will be perfect for them. Read on to see what kinds of pedal cars are available.

Classic And Vintage Pedal Cars

Want to go for a touch of history with your pedal car purchase? Have a look at these vintage pedal car designs. These classic pedal cars are really beautifully designed and styled on bygone eras. Make sure your child is the talk of the town by buying one of these wonderfully design pedal cars for children.

Wonderful Choices Of Pedal Cars For Boys

If truth be known, there are stacks more variations of pedals cars for boys than there are for girls although I am sure many girls would be happy riding these as the boys.

There are a great selection of pedal cars available to help a little boys imagination; racing pedal karts for the sprinters and skidders, train pedal cars for the wannabe train drivers, airplane pedal cars for the high flyers and digger pedal karts for those little lads who adore playing in the sand pit!

Check Out This Cool John Deere Pedal Tractor!

John Deere Plastic Pedal Tractor

John Deere Plastic Pedal TractorIf your little farmer, sorry boy, is anything like my nephew, he will absolutely adore this John Deere pedal tractor. He just loves the fact it looks the same as his dads full size tractor and loves pulling around a little trailer (not included), full of all his building blocks and other assorted toys.

This pedal tractor is made of plastic but is really robust and is played on hard by the little chap and his older cousin. It is big enough for the older and younger boy and they will get years of fun out of it!

Best Pedal Cars For Kids Under $150

There are many pedal cars for children available but they often come with a hefty price tag. If you have a smaller budget then you may be looking for the best pedal car under $150 for your child’s birthday or maybe even as a nice Christmas present.

Best Pedal Cars For Girls

InStep Pink Lady Pedal Car

InStep Pink Lady Pedal CarYour baby girl will adore you if you buy this stylish Pink Lady pedal car for her birthday! This classic design matches those of the 1950’s – my sister even had one when we were growing up. The bright pink is an absolute must for any little princess and you even get a sticker sheet with it so that your daughter can personalize her little car – even putting her name on it if she wishes.

The car itself will definitely last a long time even if your little darling bashes it about as it has a solid steal frame for increased durability.The hub caps are real chrome to fit with the styling of the period and the tires are made of rubber so that your daughter has a nice smooth ride!

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