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Looking for a good snow blower?

When winter comes calling and your driveway is covered with a foot or more of snow, the one machine that you will absolutely need is a snow blower. I just used a little corded single stage electric blower today, for the first time ever on my path and steps from the house and it was great. Not as noisy as I thought and it really shot the snow out.

The high demand for these back-saving machines has resulted in a variety of products in this category with different companies coming into the market with their own unique brand and promises. They promise top rated snow blowers but, how do you know if they are?

Choosing the best snow blower for your needs can be a very daunting task if you do not have good information. Relying on the ratings given by other consumers ensures that you do not end up paying an exorbitant price for a machine that will not meet your needs. Below is a review of the top rated snow blowers in the market based on what I have learned about cleaning feet and feet and feet of snow over the years. Enjoy.

Top-rated Best snow throwers on the market

These are both smaller single stage and large gas models that work well to clean right down to the asphalt. All of these would be purchased again by their present owners and they enjoy using them.

Greenworks 26032 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Among the top rated snow blowers, this has the highest consumer ratings mainly because it is very light, has 20-inch width and comes with a four year warranty.

Greenworks 26032 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

The unit is easy to assemble and consumers with the least technical skills can easily put it together in a matter of minutes. It has large rubber wheels for good grip and ease in maneuvering and an adjustable handle, with three levels, to suit your height.

The blades are covered with rubber so as to grip the ground and pull off as much snow as possible and get your yard cleared. With prices ranging from $180-$200, it is absolutely friendly to your pocket.
Top electric Single-stage snow blowers to buy


Snow Joe SJ620

If what you are looking for is a small light snow blower that will deliver great results, this is the model that you should go for. The Snow Joe SJ620 is one of the top rated snow blowers, especially for people with small yards and minimal garage space. The 18-inches width might require to make a few passes over the snow-packed areas but the best thing is that it gets the job done.

Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Snow blowers which are gas-powered have a lot of issues requiring constant maintenance and can result in a lot of downtime. The Snow Joe SJ620 is electric powered meaning that your maintenance bills won’t be very high. Its prices range from $180-$200 for a new unit and $70-$100 for a used unit.

Toro 38381 

This is a snow blower with great reviews and ratings mainly due to its compact size and the ease of handling. The machine is electric powered meaning that it is very quiet and maintenance will not be a costly issue.

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

Among all the top rated snow blowers, the TORO 38381 is the best rated in terms of ease in putting it together with most users taking an average of 40 minutes to assemble it. Its prices range from $220-$240 for a new unit and $120-$150 for a used unit.


WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower This snowblower has a lot of positive reviews with consumers rating it highly for its ability to move deep inches of snow with great ease. It is best suited for you if you have a small area which you need to clear.

WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

It is also easy to assemble and its safety switches can be used even with gloves on. Its prices range from $200-$220 for a new unit.

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