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Space Heater for Large Room

Which Large Room Space Heater Is Best For Your Home?

If you have a large room that is always a bit too cold then you can save a lot of money by not cranking the thermostat up any further but by adding a large room space heater instead.

For warming a large room with a space heater you need to stay away from radiant heat. Convection heating with a fan blower is best.

Below I’ve hand-selected some of the best whole room space heaters available today. However, if you are looking for something more permanent then I suggest seeing this page for top selling electric fireplaces instead.

Best Convection Space Heater For Large Room

Space Heater for Large RoomThis Portable Oil-Filled Radiator by DeLonghi Will Heat A Large Room Efficiently

DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Vertical Thermal Tunnels

This heater is my top pick for the category because it is very affordable but still comes with more features than you even realized space heaters could have, It has a 24-hour timer and 96 settings. It shuts off when the temperature starts getting too hot as well as cold and it efficiently warms a really big room without ever getting too hot to touch. It is one of the best Space Heater for Large Room!


More Whole Room Oil Filled Convection Heaters

For heating a whole room or a large enclosed space by far the best space heater to use is an oil filled convection radiator. Despite the name these radiator-style convection heaters warm the air around them causing the air to rise and cold air near the ceiling to fall. When you leave them to work for a while the entire room eventually fills with warm air with no cold spots or hot spots. These are extremely energy efficient space heater for large room and require little to no maintenance. They also cost far less than larger electric space heaters for large rooms making them attractive choices for those on a tighter budget. Each heater below should be great for large room heating.

Space Heater Large RoomDeLonghi Safeheat ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

Space Heater for Large Room

Optimus H-6010 Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Large Room Infared Fireplace Heaters

These Heaters Easily Heat Large Rooms And They Look Great

If the above radiator style heaters just don’t look good enough for you another great alternative is to buy an electric fireplace. These are far more attractive units and they can usually double as a functioning piece of furniture such as a decorative table or shelf. They typically run on electricity and they operate efficiently enough to heat larger rooms but they do cost more, these are one of the best electric space heater for large room. Some budget models are priced in the $100-$200 range but you can also find some very fancy models as high as $1000 without breaking a sweat.

The Best Space Heater Fans For Big Spaces

Generally speaking a heater fan is not going to fully warm a room up as well as a large convection heater but some people prefer heater fans that blow warm air more than radiators that leech warm air in the room. If you want the former then these are a couple viable options for some larger rooms – just don’t expect them to perform as well as the oil-filled heaters featured above.

Vornado PVH Whole Room Panel Vortex Heater

This is a really efficient fan heater that does well at pumping out enough heat to keep a room in a comfortable temperature range. When the room is already relatively warm this is a great option for maintaining temperature but it is less able to bring cold room temperatures up than an oil-filled radiator. It will do it but it takes a bit of patience. or the price however it’s worth it.

Vornado AVH2 Whole Room Vortex Heater, Automatic Climate Control

This is much like the Vornado featured directly above except that it has automatic temperature control. If you use this for a room for a longer period of time you probably don’t want it to bring the room temp too high and you don’t want to keep turning it off and on. The temperature control features can make your life simpler and even help keep your electricity use minimized. Again, the colder the room is from the outset the longer it will take to fully heat up.


Space Heaters That Are The Most Energy Efficient

Around 60% of people believe that you can save on home heating energy bills by switching to a space heater. In most cases this is possible but only if you use the correct heater in the most efficient way possible.

To heat a home efficiently with a space heater most homeowners would do best with a small ceramic convection oscillating heater with a fan. Some natural gas heaters may be cheaper to run but they are much more difficult to setup and they may be out of reach for many families due to their price or the ability to hook up to a gas line.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater (751320)

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

This tower convection space heater has both oscillating and fan functions. It comes with a multi-function remote control for ease of use across a room and it will save you money on your electric bill if you use it in enclosed rooms only and only while you are occupying them. make sure to turn your whole home thermostat down to reap the full energy cost savings. It is the best energy efficient space heater for large room!



More Energy Efficient Tower Heaters

Energy Efficient Space Heaters For A Whole Room

The tower heaters featured below are all ceramic electric heaters. This makes them safe to use and efficient in disbursing heat for an entire room. The tower heaters include fans to disburse heat to a wider area and oscillating features to ensure even delivery of heat to a room in all directions. If you want to ensure that you save as much energy as possible using this type of space heater then make sure to keep the room you are warming up closed off from the rest of the house and turn your general whole-home thermostat down.

How To Use The Least Energy Possible?

And Still Stay Warm In The Winter!

As noted at the top of this page the majority of people believe it is possible to use a space heater for large room to save money on their home heating costs during the winter. Although it is possible to do this it is a lot harder than most people think.

If you have a very well insulated home and an easy way to delineate your home into warm and cold sections then you may be hard-pressed to actually save money using space heaters. For those who have poorly insulated homes or for those who really have no need to heat the entire house these radiant heaters are the most efficient way to stay warm.

These heaters are not designed to heat an entire room. To use them efficiently they should sit in front of you and direct radiant heat in your direction. Because they point directly at you they do not have to use as much energy. Typically these large room space heaters are perfect for single people in a stationary position or for those situated at desks.


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