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Why you need a Bike Video Camera?

Biking is a fun sport that allows you to reach areas of the world that are impassable to vehicles. The sights you can see during a biking trip can be so breathtaking. By recording this trip  with the help of Bike Video Camera you can reminisce your tour and even share the sights to your friends. Recording biking sceneries cannot be done with any kind of video cam though; you need to own a Bike Video Camera that can withstand the bumps and humps of your trip.

If you’d like to capture and share world views from your perspective while riding your bike, then here are the top 5 Bike Video Cameras to consider for your next trip:

GoPro – Different angles for different views

1. GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition

Bike Video Camera

With its 170-degree wide, 127-degree medium and 90-degree narrow-angle lens, you can record all the sights around you. It can capture 120 fps for WVGA videos, 60 fps for 720p, 48 fps for 960p, and 30 fps for 1080p videos.

With its professional 11MP sensor and low light performance, you can capture vivid moments even during dusk. This gear-mountable and wearable bike video camera is also waterproof so you can be sure that you can keep the memories despite being drenched in rain. It come with bike camera mount and is very easy to operate!

Contour – Four hours of dynamic recording with one charge

2. ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera

Bike Video CameraThis Bike Video Camera has a full HD recording capability at 1080p. With capacities of 1920 by 1080 pixels, 5 megapixel sensor, and 30fps recording, you can relive your biking trip in high definition.

This bike video camera also features a fiberglass and aluminum body therefore making it waterproof – so you can bring it along wherever you want to go. With its removable Lithium-ion battery, you can record up to four hours of your biking adventures in just one charge.

GoPro – Superb video and audio recording

3. GoPro HD Helmet Hero

mountain bike camera
Best Camera for Bike

This professional-grade full HD bike video camera can record sights at 1080p. It also boasts of a 170-degree wide angle, one of the best in the market. In 720p and WVGA options, it can record up to60 frames per second and provide very smooth motion playback. It is one of the best bike helmet camera available online!

It also has a superb audio recording system, so your memories can include the earthly sounds that make the video truly one of a kind. Another great thing about this device is that it can be edited with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. With its easy to apply mounts, you can attach this camera for mountain biking at virtually any type of helmet. It is an impressive mountain bike camera!

Contour – Leveling shots with a built-in laser line

4. ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder

bike camera mountContourROAM is a hands-free mountain bike camera that provides you beautiful HD videos with its 1080p wide angle lens. This lens can also be rotated and you can level your shot with the device’s Laser Line.

Using this video cam is very easy, all you just need to do is to forward slide the Instant Record swith in order to turn it on and start the recording process. Because it’s waterproof up to one meter, and can withstand any type of environment, you can use this wherever you want to go.

Drift – With a remote control for preferential recording

5. Drift HD Full 1080p High Definition Helmet Action Camera Kit

bike helmet camera
Mountain Bike Camera

This bike video camera delivers superb images despite its compact size. Measuring 4.1 inches and weighing only 4.23 ounces, this lightweight device is perfect for capturing sights and sounds without the bulkiness.

It also features a remote control so you can avoid boring shots and get more of the fantastic views. With its Night Mode capacity, you can record the lovely environment despite little sunlight.

Remember, an adventure captured on video is priceless.

There are many bike video cameras out there, but these five are a cut above the rest. If you want to record beautiful videos while enjoying your biking adventure, then you should consider any of these cameras for mountain biking for your next departure.

Drift HD Full 1080p High Definition Helmet Action Camera on Action

Can an underwater fishing camera get you lots of fish?

This article will discuss the benefits of an underwater fishing camera and will show you which ones to buy.

Fishing is one of man’s greatest hobbies. It’s a popular hobby all around the world.

If you want to go fishing, you need to learn a few things (and lots of practice) to get that big whopper you’ve always longed for.

But for people who want to increase their chances of catching lots of keepers, you might want to try out an underwater fishing camera.

An underwater fishing camera is always used for ice fishing and open water fishing. It is very impressive and helpful addition to your fishing line equipment. You will know what’s going on down there without getting wet. The thrill of getting a glimpse of how close the fish are underneath you is mind blowing.

There are various underwater fishing cameras in the market today, but before buying one for yourself, make sure to get an idea which camera is best for you.

If you want the best underwater fishing camera for your fishing ventures, check out this list below:

Top 5 Best Underwater Fishing Camera:

1. Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera 7″ Color LCD HD Monitor 600TVL

Underwater Fishing Camera
Underwater Fishing Camera

Some fishing cameras lack one of the most important things that you want in fishing — a clearer and brighter view of what’s happening down there. But with an LED lighting technology that can provide this, your fishing activity can only go better.

The Professional Fish Finder is developed with a clear and bright HD Technology. The package includes a 7 inch large TFT color screen, and the definition of the camera is up to HD 600TV lines (which is very, very clear).

This underwater fishing camera boasts of the best LCD HD view technology that provides a brighter and clearer fishing experience.

2. Vexilar Color Underwater Camera with DTD

Underwater Fishing Camera ReviewsGetting tired of those black and white displays? Here’s an best underwater fishing camera that will surely provide a clearer view of what’s going on down there, clearer and colorful view, that is.

Created by Vexilar, this fishing camera does not only boast of a colored camera and monitor but also features a DTD (depth, temperature, and direction) sensor. The DTD information is displayed directly on the monitor. Its colored monitor efficiently changes from colored to black and white in low light conditions which is a very impressive feature of this equipment.

Included in the package are an 80-foot cable, a 12-volt rechargeable battery with digital charger, an over-hole suspension arm, and a carry-case.

This underwater fishing video camera is more expensive than the others, but with features that any man would want for an underwater fishing camera, plus a 2-year warranty from Vexilar, the entire package is all worth its price. It is one of the best underwater camera for fishing!

3. Color LCD HD 7″ Underwater Video Camera System 600TV Lines Fishing Fish Finder

Underwater Video Camera System 600TV Lines Fishing Fish Finder
Underwater Video Camera System Fish Finder

If you want your fishing experience to last longer, a battery that can last for many hours is what you need, and this underwater fishing camera has it.

Another creation with a 7 inch TFT color monitor , the 7″ Color LCD HD Underwater Video Camera System is a complete, ready-to-use fishing gear system wit ha guaranteed all around satisfaction..

If you want a great fishing activity that will last throughout the day, this fishing camera is a great choice. It is one of the best and cheap underwater fishing camera!

4. Aqua Fish Camera With Ice Pod

Ice fishing is one of the challenging but fulfilling fishing activities, and what better way to do this than to have an underwater fishing camera that comes with an ice pod. It is one of the best underwater camera for ice fishing!

Aqua Fish Camera With Ice Pod
Aqua Fish Camera With Ice Pod

Created by Aqua-Vu, this ice fishing underwater camera comes with a high-resolution Sony CCD camera that has adjustable intensity lighting, a 7-inch monitor that features an on-screen camera direction compass, a 100-foot cable, and a rechargeable 12-volt battery that comes with a charger. It is one of the best underwater ice fishing camera available online!

This underwater ice fishing camera comes with an ice pod, making it a great choice for ice fishing.

5. Fish TV Plus 7 inch Screen

If you want to use a fishing camera, better to use one that doesn’t frighten the fish, else you won’t have any catch at all.

Fish TV Screen
Fish TV Screen

The Fish TV Plus 7 inch screen is an underwater fishing camera created by Fish T.V. It is best used for ice fishing or fishing from docks or boats. It is the best underwater fishing camera available online!

The entire package comes with a 7-inch monitor, an anti-spook camera, a 100-foot cable, and a 12-volt rechargeable battery with charger. The 7-inch black and white CRT monitor displays sharp views of what the camera is taking.

Its contrast and brightness is adjustable for an even better viewing. This fishing camera has a sun-shield, making it possible to use even on bright days.

And so…

Women may not understand why so many men — young and old alike — like fishing. But actually, fishing is just comparable to women’s shopping – a great way to relax and have some time for one’s self.

And with an underwater fishing camera, the fishing experience, and the chances of getting that whopper, will certainly get even better.


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