Top 8 Tips on Saving your Time while browsing the Internet

Top 8 Tips on Saving your Time while browsing the Internet

Everybody loves browsing on the internet and we all browse and spend a great amount of time on browsing the web. In this post you are going to learn some of the most important tricks and tips, with the help of which, you will be able to save some of your valuable time while browsing the internet.

Following are the 8 effective ways to increase your internet browsing speed:

1)      Quick way of typing a web address: People usually type ‘’, which is pretty lengthy. If you want to get to the website quickly, then just type the name of a website, like ‘techpleasure’ and after typing the website name, just press Ctrl + Enter! By, pressing ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Enter’ your web browser will take you to that website. So, now you don’t need to type ‘www.’ and ‘.com’, just type the name of a website and hit ’Ctrl’ + ‘Enter’.

2)      Working with Tabs: You can easily and quickly control the tabs of your web browser such as Firefox. Use the shortcut keys like Ctrl + T in order to launch a new Tab. You can use Ctrl + Tab key in order to quickly switching to various open tabs. If you have mistakenly closed a Tab, then all you have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + T, in order to reopen that tab.

3)      Make use of a Best We browser: I recommend you to use a fast and a best web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is the best web Fast Internet Browsingbrowsers to go with. They will save a great amount of your valuable time, while browsing the internet. I personally use Mozilla Firefox, because it is very quick and it makes browsing a lot easier. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both of them have their own awesome apps and extensions. The apps and the extensions are provided free by the browsers.

4)      Go for a Faster Connection: Friends, if you are using a slow internet connection, like a dial-up or a slow broadband, then get rid of that and make a wise investment for a high speed connection. The slow speed connections wastes lots of valuable time. The slower connection takes 50-70% more time on loading simple web page, then a high speed connection which loads a web page in a blink of an eye. You can save that 50 – 70% of your time just by changing your slower connection into a high speed broad band connection.

5)      Make use of LastPass: LastPass is the awesome password management application available on the web. It is the online password manager and form filler which makes the web browsing easier, quick and more secure. You can create your account on Last pass for Free at It is very effective, secure, and easy. It protects your online assets, has a robust security and works everywhere. Last Pass works on Multi Platform and it automatically synchronize your data which you can access from anywhere. It is a huge time saver extension available for web browsing.

6)      Bookmark important websites: There must be some important websites that you frequently visit. So, it is a best idea to bookmark the important website that you visit very frequently. With the help of bookmarks, you can access the bookmarked website just by clicking on it. You will not have to type the entire web address once you bookmark a website. On Mozilla Firefox’s bookmark toolbar, you can create a folder and can place the bookmarks on those folders. Bookmark folders will help you to manage your bookmarks in several categories or sub categories.

7)      Setup a Start Page as a blank: If you have a start up page set to some website, then get rid of it, because it take time to load a page and it will make the launch of a fully fledged working browser a little slower. In order set up a start up page as a blank page click on ‘Tools’ , ‘Options’ and go to a general tab and in front of a “Home page:” text box write “about: blank” without quotes. “About: blank” will set you start up web page as a blank page and the browser will start quickly without loading any page.

8)      Learn the time saving browsing shortcuts:

With the proper knowledge of keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to browse the web faster and quicker.

Following are some of the time saving shortcuts for browsing the web:

a)     ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Tab’

This shortcut will switch to the tab on the right side of the current tab. In order to switch to the left side press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘Tab’.

b)     ‘Ctrl’ + ‘L’

This shortcut key will take you to the address bar, so that you can type new URL of a website.

c)      ‘Ctrl’ + ’Shift’ + ’T’

It will reopen the recently closed tab. It is very useful if you have closed the important tab mistakenly.

d)     ‘Alt’ + ’Enter’

It will open the website which is typed in the address bar in a new tab.

e)      ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Enter’

It will add ‘www’ and ‘.com’ to the beginning and end of a website name in the address bar. Just type a website name on the address bar and hit ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Enter’ keys.

f)      ‘Ctrl’ + ‘E’ or ‘Ctrl’ + ‘K’

It will take you to the search box if you want to write something in a search box.

g)     ‘Ctrl’ + ‘J’

It will open the download history window.

h)     ‘Ctrl’ + ‘O’

It will launch your system’s windows box, if you want to open a file from your hard drive in your browser.

i)       ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ’Del’

It will open a window for deleting your browsing history and other records like Cache or Cookies.

j)       ‘Alt’ + ‘Home’

It will take you to the default home page that your browser have.

Make use of the above mentioned browsing shortcuts in order to increase you browsing speed to great extent. It will get the work done quickly and creatively. If you know any other browsing shortcuts, then let us know by posting a comment below this post.



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