Top 8 ways to use Google for the best outcomes: Important Google...

Top 8 ways to use Google for the best outcomes: Important Google Secrets

8 Awesome Google Secrets Revealed

The Big G is lot more than just a search engine. It not only provides search results, but also provides several other useful services for a “Google user”. This article is all about Google’s top secrets that can be used for very useful outcomes.

1)      Using Google as a Dictionary: Google is a biggest online dictionary. If you want to know the meaning of any word, then just go to Google search box and type ‘define’ followed by your word! For example, if you want the meaning of the word ‘elegant’, then go to and write “Define elegant” in the search box, and you will get the meaning of your term in a blink of an eye. If you want more reference on your word, then there will be several other search results available below the Google’s dictionary box! If you want to hear your word for proper pronunciation, then click on the tiny speaker icon of the dictionary box.

Google Dictionary

2)      Using Google as Advance Calculator: Along with being an extraordinary wordsmith, Google is also an excellent mathematician! If you are having trouble with big calculations or mathematical problems, then go to Google and type “what is” followed by your mathematical problem. Once you click enter, then Google will give you the solution of your mathematical problem! For example, if you want the calculation of “22+32+33+12+10+3-1-56+2”, then type “what is 22+32+33+12+10+3-1-56+2”, and you will get the calculation of your numbers! You can also use the virtual calculator for further calculation. The best part is that Google calculator can process 32 numbers and can also deal with trigonometry problems!

Google Calculator

3)      Using Google for Navigation: If you want to know the route for a place, then you can take the help of Google for planning your route! Google provides the graphical navigation details with complete route and public transport information. All you have to do is just type in the place from where you want to start your journey to the place where you want to reach! So, type the area name you are starting from, followed by the keyword ‘to’, and then the place where you want to reach! After hitting ‘[Enter]’ you will get the complete route details with graphical navigation representation! You can also customize the route according to Google’s route planning for walking, driving, cycling or train use! According to your transport facility, Google will give you the details about estimate distance and timing to reach your destination.

Google Maps Route Planning

4)      Searching a Specific Website: If you want to search any specific website, then Google can help you with that as well. Google can search and present all the pages of any specific website that you would like to browse. In order to search a particular website, you will just have to type ‘site:’ followed by the website that you want to search. So, if you want to search, then type “site:” in the Google’s search box, and you will get each and every page of “Tech Pleasure” in the result box. You can also search a website for a particular term with the help of Google. In order to search for a particular term, you will have to write that term followed by the command ‘site:’ and the website name in which you are looking for the information of your term. So, for instance if you are searching for the term “faster computer” on, then you will have to type “faster computer site:”, and you will get the result if the website contains your term in their website’s content.

Searching a Specific Website

5)      Using Google for Conversion: If you ever need to convert any units, measurements, weights or currencies in different formats, then Google’s in Command can perform the conversions for you. You will just have to type the unit followed by the keyword ‘in’ to make the conversion! For example, if you wanted to convert 20 pounds into dollars or 50 grams into ounces, then just type “20 pounds in dollars” or “50 grams in ounces”, and you will get the converted result in a blink of an eye. For currency conversions, Google also provides exchange rate graphs about currency’s rate fluctuations.

Using Google for Conversion

6)      Customizing search results: Do you know that you can customize your search results the way you want it? You can get the exact search results that you need instead of all the other unwanted search results. In order to get the search results according to your specific needs, all you have to do is add Google’s range command within your search query. For example, if you are looking for a bike between the range of $700 to $1000, then all you to type is “bike $700..$1000” in the Google’s search box, and you will get the customized search results of all the bikes available between the range of $700 to $1000! The range command is very useful when it comes to online shopping or doing a research on a specific time period. So, next time remember to insert the two dots between your ranges in the Google search box!

Customizing search results

7)      Eliminating words from search results: Here’s one more Google trick for customizing your search results by eliminating unwanted words from your search. Let’s say you want to search for ‘iphone’, but you don’t want the search results about apps, so all you have to do is eliminate the term apps from the search result.  In order to eliminate the term from Google’s search results,  you will have to type “iphone -apps”, and you will get  all the results about ‘iphone’, and the term ‘apps’ will be eliminated from the search results! This trick will help you to get what you want, and not what is available on the web! You can also mix up more than one unwanted term followed after the minus (-) sign in order to eliminate more words, like: “iphone -apps -gadgets -accessories” for instance!

8)      Customizing Google Images search results: This trick is very useful when it comes to finding an image of a human being or a thing! This trick will distinguish certain image results with similar named image results.





For example, if you are searching for term ‘McDonalds’ to see the face of a McDonald clown or people instead of the McDonalds logo, then go to your address bar and type the tem “&imgtype=face” in the very end of the url address and hit the enter key! After placing the special code “&imgtype=face”, you will notice that your search results are containing images of real faces rather than the images of company’s logos.

The above mentioned Google tricks and secrets are very useful for various purposes. I hope that you like this article about all the important tricks of Google! If you got any other information related to this subject, then feel free to comment below.


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