Top Ten Laptop Brands: Top Selling Laptop Brands

Top Ten Laptop Brands: Top Selling Laptop Brands

Shopping for Laptops? Not sure which brand to buy?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! This post about Top Ten Laptop Brands will definitely help you with your laptop shopping needs, and off-course these are the top selling laptop brands!

Following are the Top Ten Laptop Brands:

10. ASUS

Top Ten Laptop Brands

Asus has been in the game for a long time now. It is one of the earliest brands of the computer world.

A Taiwanese company that definitely knows how to serve its customers, ASUS has a wide load of variety for everyone’s needs. Whether it be for gaming, leisure, research or other needs, Asus has something for you.

9. Gateway

Based on Irvine, California, Gateway is an awesome company that develops and manufactures a variety of laptops for any of your needs.

It has been in the game for a long time. Gateway started in 1985, so you can bet your bottoms that this veteran company can satisfy your every laptop needs.

8. Acer

top selling laptop brands

The main focus of this Taiwanese company was to build cheaper computers than the rest. And it has worked! This business model worked!

Acer has had grand success building good computers while staying more affordable than the rest of its competition. So if your budget is a tad bit shorter than you would like, go on try Acer. Its laptops are not only good, but very affordable too.

7. H.P.

Another U.S. based company, H.P. is a big time player in the technology world. Best known for its printers in the early days, HP has been tearing it up in the laptop world in the recent years.

HP has been the world’s leading PC manufacturer and has been since 2007. And that says a lot about the company.

6. Dell

Once considered as arguably the very best, Dell has suffered a tad bit from competitors. But don’t let that discourage you, Dell is still one of the best there is.

top ten laptop brands
Dell Laptop

Michael Dell founded his company by selling computers cheaper than its competition. And Dell’s business model has flourished by selling sturdy and powerful computers but at a cheaper rate.

So this brand is still an awesome bet if you’re shopping for laptops. It has top notch customer service, and its popularity only grew when it purchased gaming giant, Alienware in 2006. So Gamers really love this brand.

5. Samsung

top ten laptop brands
Samsung Laptop

A Korean giant who had recently gave Apple a run for its money in the smartphone world, Samsung has been tearing it up too in the world of laptops.

Samsung made its fortune in various home appliances, especially stereos and TVs, but now is a front-runner in the laptop race.

Samsung’s laptops made its name by making laptops with beautiful displays, due to its expertise in the TV display department.

So if you’re into movies, streaming and other multimedia, Samsung is the brand for you.

4. Toshiba

top ten laptop brandsThis Japanese company if fairly newer than the other brands, but Toshiba is no joke. It means business.

They have always launched top of the line products, but with its recent launch of its Satellite line laptops, Toshiba’s popularity rose all the more.

This is a good, solid brand. You can’t go wrong with it.

3. Lenovo

This Chinese company’s surprise rise to fame in the laptop world is legendary. It made a surge so fast and caught other companies by surprise. Its marketing and rise was pure genius, as it took only a few years for them to reach one of the very top positions in the laptop world.

It concentrates on making very affordable and competitive lines of products. And its products are everywhere! Thus making its popularity great in just a short time span.

2. Apple MAC

Apple swooped the world a few years back and to this day, is still the biggest company in the world. Apple concentrated on making beautiful products, and packaging them with their very own Mac OS.

It business model is somewhere along the lines of “if you build it great, people will buy it.” And they were right. No matter how expensive Apple MACs got, people still flocked to buy them.

1. Sony

The only reason why Sony is number one on the Top Ten Laptop Brands list, is because not everyone can afford an Apple. Pricing range is a big part in the laptop industry and Sony got Apple beat in that area.

top ten laptop brands

This Japanese company is one of the biggest brands in probably any technological products. And their VAIO line is one mean machine.

VAIO has been one of the most powerful and best brands in the last half of the decade, and it still keeps on developing beautiful lines of products. No one can beat that. Sony is awesome. Period.
A Short Recap
So there you have it, The top 10 best laptop brands in then world.

To sum it all up, if your budget is not that big, go for Acer, Toshiba, Gateway or Lenovo.

For mid-level budget, go for Dell, Samsung and HP.

For, beautiful multimedia, visual displays (good for streaming and movies), go for Samsung, Dell and Sony.

And as for the the absolute best, definitely go for Sony and Apple!

Happy shopping!


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