What Are A DVR Security Camera Systems? – Digital Video Recorder Security...

What Are A DVR Security Camera Systems? – Digital Video Recorder Security System

DVR Security Camera Systems

There are innumerable PC based DVR Security Camera Systems that are available in the market. It’s important to check out the configurations and the add ons that are available before installing the system. The PC should be able to serve all your computing needs including the security needs. There are various DVR boards that are offered that provide 4, 6, 8, 16, 32 channels per server. The computer and the system that is provided should have a standard warranty by the manufacturer too.

The DVR Security Camera systems should be such that they can be customized for the needs of the customer. This means that the specific memory, hard drives, CPU and monitors can be upgraded if required at a later date and don’t need to be bought from the scratch.

DVR Security Camera Systems

The requirements for the computer are as follows. These are just the base criteria. Of course if the customer can get options, then they must do so.

  • Intel Pentium 4 Processor
  • Operating system should be Windows XP Pro Standard or a suitable operating system
  • Flat LCD Panel for viewing. 17” monitors are de rigueur
  • RAM is 1 GB and 160GB Hard Disk. Additional hard disks are also available. The price of the system will increase in case the second option is executed. With more hard disk space, the prices will increase accordingly. Usually for home DVR Security Camera Systems, 160GB Hard disks are great.
  • Audio surveillance kits may be available as a standard feature or may be available as additional feature.
  • Graphics video card (128MB) can be installed. However the higher video cards such as 256MB and 512MB may cost extra.
  • RAM memory can also be increased and costs extra
  • PC Power battery backup may be provided by some companies or may be charged by some companies.
  • Systems can cost from $1000 dollars to more than $3000 depending on the camera setup required by the user.

Wireless based systems

The wireless DVR Security Camera Systems are also available in the market with a number of camera configurations. It’s possible to monitor in the camera in real time while you are away to your PC, TV or over the internet. The broadcasting is done through wireless. What’s more you can get full 240 degree robotic pan and tilt views. These systems even work through fire walls. No DVR cards are required.

The cameras can be switched on instantly and there are no warm up times while switching the views from different security cameras. This gives a smooth transition. Many of systems also function in really low light conditions. The wireless DVR Security Camera Systems are great for home environment.

Protecting Your Home with A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Security System

Digital Video Recorder Security system is used by many homes, businesses, military, educational institutions and government to keep track of the security. Especially with the threat of terrorism hitting very close to home, it’s become imperative that we secure our homes and places of work and education.

Definition of the system

Digital video recorder security system comprises of the Digital video recorder (DVR) and camera installations plus the software required to run the system. All the proceedings are directly recorded to a hard disk rather than a tape. Motion detection software is built in the software. People can also access the proceedings via remote access through the internet.  The events can be played back very quickly and the DVR is based on the number of camera installations.

Old VCRs took up a lot of space as the tapes took a great amount of space. Also they couldn’t be played back really fast and tapes had to be hunted from the storage department. With the new DVR Security Camera Systems and the camera installation, recording is simple, storage is no problem and retrieval is quick. The format is digital and the picture quality is extremely sharp. Hard drives start at 40GB and above and some companies provide remote access through TCP/IP connections (if given in the specs.)

Of course DVR Security Camera Systems are also available with remote monitoring for Digital Video Recorder Security System. Another feature look out for is the frames per second and dynamic IP support. Various companies that give the entire range are Sony, Nuvico, Pelco, Speco and GE. DVR Security Camera Systems are available right in the following formats

  • 4 Channels
  • 6 Channels
  • 8 Channels
  • 16 Channels
  • 24 Channels
  • & 32 Channel

These are the various accessories that are also available with the DVR Security Camera Systems:

Two position switcher

This is a homing and sequencing video switcher, for switching to Camera 1 or 2. The dwell times can be set separately.

Four position switcher

This device is used for alarming, homing and as bypassing sequential video switcher. The indicators of the position switcher on the front show which camera is being homed. Other switches allow instant manual homing, auto sequencing mode. When the alarm input is switched off, the switcher continues from its previous position from the alarm.

Picture in Picture device

These devices have been especially built for the security industry. Most o the devices come as color PIP devices. Automatic inset of pictures is possible and even swapping of the pictures is easily possible. You can toggle the pictures to any side of the screen that you want. Usually the preferred size is 1/16th size n the bottom without any borders. This makes for optimum use of the cameras.

Home owners can decide the Digital Video Recorder Security System that thy wish to install based on the requirement of their home.


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