What Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

What Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Short Introduction To Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you are using an earphone in some noisy area then the worst thing is that you have to increase their volume so as to get clear voice from the other end. Increasing the volume means that battery will be consumed and more importantly, your ears will get damaged. With the help of noise-cancelling headphones, the outside audio interference will get blocked so that listeners can easily listen to music or talk comfortably even when they are in some loud environment.

ANC (Active Noise Control) makes use of a microphone which is inserted in the earpiece so as to measure the amount of ambient noise present. After this, the headset generates “anti-noise” signals which are opposite to the ambient sound. The interfering signal along with soundproof design which this audio accessory possesses develops a silent barrier around the ear. This combination blocks sounds like flight’s engine, humming noise of air-condition, or any other noise which is constantly coming from outside.

Given below is a review in which you will find a list of top 7 headsets which offer best noise-cancellation technology.

#1 – Sennheiser PXC 450

Sennheiser PXC 450 is a headphone which outperforms other noise-cancellation headphones mentioned in this article. They are not only comfortable but offer effective excellent active noise cancellation. The important feature which this headphone provides is reduced ambient noise so as to keep volume low and your ears healthy. Moreover, Sennheiser PXC 450 makes use of best noise-cancellation technology which is available so far and that is Switchable NoiseGard 2.0. Up to 32 decibels of ambient noise can be reduced by this headset.

The average frequency range which a normal human ear can hear is between 20 Hz and 20,000Hz. The Sennheiser PXC 450 headphone will play all sounds which are within this range including the subsonic and supersonic sounds found in music. You may not be able to hear the subsonic and supersonic frequencies but they will surely improve your listening experience. The headphone’s bass is little bit weak as compared to its competitor noise-cancelling headsets but I found that on increasing the volume and decreasing the volume of
the music player, bass problem becomes apparent.

Apart from saving your ears, this headphone improves your hearing experience. When background music is stopped, you will be able to hear finer details of the music which you may have probably never noticed. The best thing which I like about this headset is that it adds lot of details in backup vocals and instruments.

#2 – Beats by Dre Studio

Beats by Dr. Dre is a line of on-ear headphones that was created by Dr. Drew who is a legendary music producer, rapper, and an audio engineer. The philosophy which he had behind this headphone was to design a product which can reproduce details to same level and dynamics which appear similar to you as if sitting in a music studio where the music was actually recorded.

The Studio headphone is a pair of head phones which has noise-cancelling feature in Beats collection. It has comfortable ear pads along with noise-cancellation technology so that you can hear the best music. This product is available in different sleek shades like red, white, and black. Moreover, they are very stylish headsets which you will easily find in the market. You can find them expensive and so we gave these headphone top ten reviews Silver Award as it offers incredible sound quality, ease of use and stylish design.

On using these headphones for the first time, you will feel as if you are hearing true music for the first time. Pulsing bass can be felt all of a sudden, and you can hear every minute detail which you have never noticed before. These noise-cancelling headset not only help you hear precise details but notice the hard work which has been done to mix and perform that music.

#3 – JVC HA-NC250

This type of headsets offers frequency response between 8 Hz and 24 KHz. But since human ear can hear frequencies up to 20 kHZ only, this means that these headphones have the ability to play sounds beyond the hearing capability of human ear. Sometimes to create fuller sound, supersonic and subsonic frequencies are also included. The aim of this headset is to give you the experience which you may have never felt on listening music.

If you hear some loud sound like airplane, you want to turn up music so as to drown the sound around you. You hearing can be affected if you hear sound above 80 decibels, so increasing the volume can cause lot of danger. When in passive mode, JVC HA-NC250s, more than 18 decibels of ambient noise can be eliminated at 150 Hz.

On using this active-noise cancelling product, 85 percent of the background noise can be blocked. This in turn means listeners will not have to increase the volume for hearing clear music. They have a sensitivity of around 102 decibels when making use of this product, 100 decibels sensitivity when it is in passive mode and if you turn on the music then you will not hear any distortion or static.

#4 – Sennheiser PXC 310

Sennheiser claims to offer NoiseGard 2.0 technology noise-cancelling feature which can lower up to 90% of ambient noise. This may sound impressive but there are many other products which we reviewed and they offered up to 99% noise reduction. 90% noise isolation will assist alleviate the requirement of turning up the volume if the room becomes louder.

This product also offers Talk Through feature with the help of which you can listen to people who are around you while you are wearing the ear cups. Moreover, this product offers passive mode play which means that after the batteries finish, the ambient noise will not be actively cancelled and will work as headphones. PXC 310 makes use of 3.7 V battery which is lithium polymer and rechargeable for active noise-cancelling. When the battery is fully charged, this headset will offer attractive 20 hours playback time. You will not have to purchase many batteries because this product offers the lowest operation time.

#5 – Sony MDR-NC500D

This headphone allows you to manually adjust the noise or else let it adjusts automatically. Sony offers Office, Bus and Airplane mode settings for you to adjust. Each setting will provide one tailored frequency to interfere with environmental average ambient noise. The AI mode can be turned on so that headset provides noise-cancellation frequency for specific areas in which you are present. This product has the ability to reduce 99% of ambient sound. It can translate around 20 decibels at 160Hz, which means that you will not have to increase the volume so as to reduce background noise.

The MDR-NC500D headphone offers 5Hz to 24 KHz frequency response. For an average person who can hear between 20 Hz and 20K Hz, this accessory can play supersonic and subsonic sounds which are found in many music. It has a sensitivity of around 120 decibels which means that you will not hear distortion or hissing sound while you are listening music at very high volume.

#6 – Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b

In the field of audio equipment Audio-Technica is a new name. This company is not very well known as compared to the above mentioned companies but it has the capability to produce high-quality audio products. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b QuietPoint headphone is one such product which was released by the company in July 2009. This product offers a decent range of noise but fails to block ambient noise as perfectly as others do according to our review.

It has a frequency response of about 10Hz to 25 Hz and can reproduce noise which can be heard by human ear. This is the adequate sound spectrum and Denon AH-NC250 produces lower bass tone of nearly 5 Hz which can go higher to 28 KHz. There are some songs which use supersonic and subsonic sounds for enriching overall sound. This product cannot offer full audio experience. Instead, it provides difference between 5 Hz and 10 Hz, and 25 Hz and 28 KHz which can be considered negligible.

This headphone claims that it can lower noise by 20 decibels which may sound impressive but above mentioned headphones have the capability to reduce noise by 32 decibels. Some of the users using this product have complained of experiencing sound leakage or some outside noise creeping in.

#7 – Bose QuietComfort 15

Headphone This equipment offers big sound. This Bose QuietComfort 15 is an acoustic noise-cancelling headset which is an addition to the line of Bose headsets. This model is not only well designed but it seemingly produces high-sound quality. Its specifications are frequency response for any product but this type of details cannot be relied upon. Since, this product lacks information hence we ranked it lower than all the other above mentioned headsets which we reviewed.

Since we didn’t receive any information regarding performance of this product so, we did research on this product to see how it performed. It was found that its frequency response was good with low tones but became erratic with high one. Bose’s website claimed that QuietComfort 15 offered wide range of frequencies as compared to its earlier model, but since we didn’t have the actual numbers so it was difficult for us to substantiate.

Noise-Cancelling Headsets: What To Look For?

Products often claim that they offer noise-cancellation but in true sense they simply muffle outside noise. They accurately are called “noise-isolating”. An active noise-cancelling headphone needs battery power so as to physically stop the outside sound waves. According to our analysis, we rated each of the above mentioned products according to criteria given below-:

Performance-: in this section, the product is rated based on its performance when it is actually used. They were reviewed on their frequencies, sensitivity level and the amount of outside disturbance which they were capable of reducing. We researched on whether the products would work passively if their batteries run out, which means that their sound playing capabilities should not be affected when their batteries finish.

Features-: we provided rating based on how the product was built. A heavy or bulky design annoys users no matter how perfectly they block unwanted noise. A good pair has to be light in weight as well as have long cord and good battery life. Here, we also researched on whether a particular product is compatible with all types of audio sources or not.

Ease of use-: in this section, we were more focused on the functionality of the headset. Complicated audio equipment becomes very tiring to use because listeners want complete control on the equipment which they are using. The products which were given higher rating offered balance between functionality and simplicity.

Help and support-: a well made product can also have glitch. High-quality earphones should offer high-quality support on their manufacturer’s website. Several help options have to be made available keeping in mind the ease of the users even when they don’t come across any issues with the headphone.

With the help of rating criteria we found top seven headphones which had exemplary performance and design. You can use any of the above mentioned headphones and they will give you the perfect audio experience along with simplicity, functionality and performance.


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